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Bird watching with dad

For a couple of days there was a break in the weather and we experienced temperatures we normally have mid-August, but all that has changed since. Now the skies are grey and everything outside is wet, however last Thursday it was so nice that dad and I were spending a good portion of the day birdwatching.

So here I am, resting comfortably on my pillow throne, partially hidden from view of the birds behind the azaleas, watching the entertainment occurring in the tree where dad placed all the bird feeders.
Very often a number of birds come real close to the window to check out the plants before heading back to the feeders.

Somehow they never see me as I remain ever so still, besides even if I could catch a bird, I no longer do, having given up the practice a couple of years ago. I guess dad likes that very much since he keeps feeding these flying creatures all year.
In the meantime dad was occupied setting up the tripod in the doorway of the kitchen since it is directly opposite the tree and as the day progressed dad did his best to photograph the various birds visiting our garden.

It was still early morning with a soft light when a sparrow landed on one of the upper branches, inspecting the sanctuary where others were feeding before joining.

Dad does his best to identify these beautiful visitors but mostly he simply enjoys their presence and song.

Dad was never sure of this birds name so he ace it one. He simply calls it ‘Hooded Monk’. What do you think?

Nuttall’s Woodpecker

The past eleven years that we have lived here, their have been visits from a woodpecker now and then, but this year we have been blessed with the continued presence of not one but three woodpeckers. Two males and one female coming regular to feed. We also hear them peeking on the tree trunks, before and after feeding on suet, nuts and seeds. 

Whenever dad sees one arriving, he announces it to anyone in the household. It is a big ‘thing,’ especially when one considers that according to American Indian legend, a woodpecker is to be the bearer of good luck.

Pygmy Nuthatch

This is one of the smaller birds and only once did dad see two of them at the same time, so it is not as common as some of our other visitors. It was not until dad brought the picture up on the computer screen that he noticed the Pygmy Nuthatch’s back was not grey, but a grey-blue with emphasis on the blue.

Once the sun passes further to the West, descending behind the trees, our visitors are few and far between. Tomorrow the entertainment will be repeat, regardless of the weather, but since the skies were grey, I was sleeping in my fur house.

With our next post we will share some news we received from Angel and six garden cats a few days ago. If you have not been visited her blog, please do pop in and have a look and meet her feline companions.

Before closing a quick couple of notes, we want to let you know that with our next posting we will be providing information as to the second quarter Calendar Bookmark Photo Contest. Also from now on we will respond to your posts directly with a post since so many of you do not show your email address. So you may wish to check the email follow-up box.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week.


Far too long

Yes, indeed it has been far too long since I not only posted but also visited your blogs. After some prodding from Catrina (Cat’s Cat) and Kevin (Animal Shelter Volunteer Life), keeping silent was no longer an option, besides it was just Wednesday when I was finally obtained a picture of Miss Kitty.

The last several weeks the weather in general has left its mark throughout the United States and even now another storm is making its way through the north-east, while here in northern California we have been experiencing these couple of days blue skies, but also very cold nights.

Granted there is no snow by our front door as in other parts of the country, it was cold enough to warrant me bringing in some wood and having a fire.

Now normally I would sit in front of the fire in order to tend it and Miss Kitty would nestle in between my legs or cuddle on my lap, making herself comfortable so she too could enjoy the fires warmth. However this time Miss Kitty decided to have it all to herself by laying claim to the spot in front of the fire, showing no signs of fear of any ambers jettisoning at her. This was a first for her.

The next day the sun came back and there was blue sky to be had. Since it was green recycling container the next day, it signaled an excursion into t he backyard for some cleaning up. Miss Kitty took the opportunity not only to soak up some sun rays but also supervise me from the balcony.

If you have not claimed your first quarter calendar bookmarks with the winners of the photo contest, click on the word link, which will take you directly to the full size printer version for download. Now we will be off to visit your blogs and see what you all have been up to.

Enjoy the weekend.