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The week after Thanksgiving Day

We hope that everyone has had a grand Thanksgiving Day and has survived those three days that followed, when finally reality hit on Monday that it was back to work. For dad it was not work since he has been out of of work for a few years, rather it was however back for the last two weeks of cardiovascular rehabilitation that was granted by the insurance company after he made his case for an extension.
Deep in dreamland
At our house Thanksgiving Day is a big event, all of which is orchestrated by dad. He not only takes care of the bird, giving it a ‘brine and spice’ soaking for 24 hours, then a bake/roast combination, he takes charge of the entire menu, which usually ends up being 12 to 15 dishes, not counting the turkey or desserts. 

All in all, this year ended up being the best Thanksgiving Day ever. It was the most organized and above all ‘stress-free’.

This was our 2010 menu

Cranberry salsa (our replacement for standard gravy)

Persian green rice with dill and peas

Pears w/green beans and bacon

Roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower with gruyére cheese 
Sweet potato purée w/orange juice, granny smith apples and heavy cream
Roasted carrots and fennel with lemon juice
Roasted multi-variety onion and leek dish with balsamic vinegar
Mash potatoes
Roasted medley of three different baby potatoes with rosemarie
Roasted squash medley and carrot mix
Corn bread with cheese, green onion and bacon
Maple pecan bread
The guests brought  to the table
Pumpkin pie and an apple pie, including the appropriate riesling wine.
So you cannot blame dad for not having posted these last sixteen days, but between rehab and preparing for Thanksgiving Day, he has been rather pre-occupied.
If you have managed to read all the way down to here, know there is still plenty of time left to enter Ms K’s calendar bookmark contest. For details see previous post. Also give a little thought to lighting since a most even light gives the best results.
In closing, we are trying to resolve a serious problem with Ms K’s Google Profile and dad’s Google Profile, which has kept us from being more visible. So far any help from the Google help community has fallen on deaf ears, but we will continue to try and clear up the ID conflicts that has effected our following other blogs and commenting.
Later today we will be looking at christmas trees and begin retrieving the boxes from the closet with our decorations and plan on this years theme for the tree.
Wishing you a warm and safe start to the holiday season
PostScript: We apologize for not having provided any photographs of the Thanksgiving Day table, but after serving the dishes, dad sank into his chair and simply watched the reaction of his guests and family members. Also note today's single photograph of Ms K showing two different versions with the second one being darkened around the edges to increase the focal point of Ms K’s face. -e


2011 Calendar drawing — first quarter

Many of us are avid readers and therefore will have a need from time to time of a good bookmark to mark our progress and what could be better than one that not only incorporates a calendar but possible an image of our companion for an entire month.

So with dad’s years of graphic design experience, we set out to completely redesign the bookmarks that were previously featured with Miss Kitty’s image and now that photo shall be replaced with one the winners of the first quarter drawing. As you can see from the new design, the name of the winning feline will be placed above their image and in our post text, we will of course feature a link to their blog. We are also planning to add a little copy regarding your feline and we will be in touch once we announce the first three winners.  In all there will be twelve winners by the time we finish.

The competition is open to all levels of ones photographic ability so give it your best. You may pose your companion or just try to capture them at what they enjoy doing, it is all up to you and the willingness of your cat. 

Winners will be announced December 11.

Miss Kitty wishes you good luck.

for the first quarter full size sample click here

Requirements to qualify

1: You can submit 3-5 digital image
2: Image orientation: Vertical preferred
3: Formats acceptable: JPG (extra fine setting), TIFF or RAW
4: Please do not crop your pictures
5: Image size: minimum 2000 x 3000 pixels (5 MB plus) preferred
6: Last day to submit: December 10, 2010
7: Be a follower of this blog

Do not forget to include your information

1: Your name and the name of your feline
2: A link to your blog
3: Email subject matter: Competition or Bookmark

Drawing dates for the remaining quarters

Second quarter drawing
Announcement: February 11
Last day to submit: March 11

Third quarter drawing
Announcement: May 13
Last day to submit: June 10

Forth quarter drawing
Announcement: August 12
Last day to submit: September 9

Now let us not forget the legal matters

By submitting your images, you allow the winning entries to used by a Cats Golden Years 'one time only' for the sole purpose they were intended, the Miss Kitty 2011 Calendar Bookmarks, otherwise the photographer retains all other rights.

You also allow us crop the image and to use any Photoshop enhancements tools as we see fit.

Availability of the calendar bookmarks

The final design with the winning images will be made available in the last week of December for download from our Picasa album via a link so that it can be printed out on your colour printer in full resolution onto 8 .5 x 11 inches card stock.

Second, third and fourth quarter sample pages

For submissions or any questions please click here


A return to the garden

The rains came early this year so I have not been out as often as I would like to have been. Still when dad rakes the leaves off the lawn or sweeps the entrance, I am there giving him not only company but also supervising the progress of his work. Of course when I am in the front, dad makes sure that no passing dog brings any harm to me.

After a few days of no rain and cold temperatures, the front porch area has dried and the wind have blown any leaves from the Japanese maple trees that line the entrance walkway down towards the path. The afternoon sun is no longer as warm as it was just a few weeks ago, but the fresh air is wonderful.

Artistic filters added to make it look like a painting

When dad is home he always leaves the sliding door to the balcony a little open so that I can go outside whenever I wish and maybe even head down to the lawn area and chew a little on the grass. Sometimes I just like to sit between the blooming azaleas that mum takes care of and then look down to see if the neighbors mean black cat is making his way home through our backyard.

Dad finished the final design layout for the 2011 bookmark calendar pages and come this weekend we will post details on the drawing so that your photograph of your feline can qualify. The design is much more refined than the first draft that we had offered as a download earlier this month.

Of course I had to make sure dad was following my instructions and since he does work slow, yet methodical in the detail and proofing, I managed to get a few cat naps on his laptop, warming my belly and seeing to it that dad cannot place the damaged laptop into sleep mood. 




Ms Kitty attended an exclusive halloween party at Banana and Cheese this last Sunday night and after having lost track of all time due to having simple too much fun, we are late with our report and therefore a Special Edition to allow others to see what transpired that evening.

Please visit Banana and Cheese for not only the full report but also the incredible pictures.

On another most important note, we hope that regardless of your political position,
that you exercising democracy by heading out to vote.