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A little of everything and more

I had no intention for dad not to take so long in preparing the artwork and photographs for my next post, but then there were circumstances over which he seemed to have little control. Therefore there is a little of this and a little of that, in other words, a little bit of everything and more.

First off, Ms Kitty wishes to say thank you to all who visited and also to those who have left a comment supporting her candidacy for Empress of California in the upcoming November 2nd mid-term elections. It is a very close tight race in this state but she and her staff feel that there is a good chance she can pull this off as a write-in candidate.

In the meantime, numerous new followers who I wish to acknowledge and say thank you for adding our blog to their roster. Thank you to 

Shannon Frederick, no links available;
Elle Zelics, Twitter and her blog;
Cloon, short for Clonney, a feline also know as George Clooney;
another feline hunk Maximus in Canada at Giuld-rez Guildwood and
an unnamed person's blog, Mini Historia de Casita de Cartes;
and Michele Turner’s blog chocolate and marmalade tea where 
she and her felines cook up some goodies.


Rain, rain, guess I’ll just watch it from my throne

It seems that the rain season has arrived rather early this year or it is just making a brief appearance before returning us to a few more weeks of an Indian Summer. While dad is letting the house breath by opening all the doors, I like to sit by the front door and not only guard the entrance but also welcome any family member who's coming home early.

Martha Stewart’s LIVING, October 2010

When dad was at the doctors office, he saw Martha Stewart’s October issue of Living. It has been way too many months since he saw one of her magazine last and as he was flipping through the pages, he was rather surprised to see a large number of advertisements for felines products, along with felines being in pictures having nothing to do with cat products. 

Yap he brought the issue home from the office and as he was getting it ready to photograph the various pages, I just had to investigate to make sure dad was not pulling the wool over anyones eyes. Noticed how the cat pictured in the Purina ONE ad looks a lot like me.

Cats featured in the October issue of LIVING

There was a total of twelve feline ads but dad only photographed eleven, guess he was in a hurry to finish since the natural light was disappearing behind the tress.

LIVING November 2010, cover and flip side

It seems the dogs have now sought their revenge and Martha, a dog lover no doubt, provided the canine their just dessert by giving them the entire flip side of the LIVING Thanksgiving Day issue.

Pet Finder screen shots of their iPhone application

On a much different subject matter, I was updating my iPhone applications and then had a look to see what there was available for free when I came across one I think you might be interested in having on your iPhone. Since I have installed it, I gave it a quick test run and found it did its job for which it was intended very well. I did not check if it is available for the iPad.


Dad having designed bookmarks for his other blogs, he decoded to do a calendar version for me. After he designed this set, the original larger version (available here) was a little too large for a paperback book but not a hardbound book. Never-the-less, in gratitude of your support we are announcing to develop a quarterly set for next year, but the clincher is that the pictures are not all of me. We are going to have a drawing for the best ones set in. So stay tuned for details to follow in the next couple of weeks.

So there you have it, a rather long posting to make
up for the delay in not having one since last.

Until next time, wishing you all the best


Won’t you elect Ms K

Ms Kitty’s poster campaign

With less than three weeks till the American mid-term elections are behind us, there has been enough mistrust, innuendoes and plenty of mud slinging flung between the candidates, that a new mountain from all the dirt has risen in Sacramento.

Ms Kitty’s billboard

Elections are serious business, yet it is time to defuse the situation with a little satirical humor and say it is time for a real candidate to step up to the plate. Though late in the campaign with the participants having  been selected long ago, Miss Kitty is hereby letting it be known she is running as an alternative write-in candidate for the position of Empress of California.

Her position on a number of the issues is simply to ‘speak softly and rule with a sharp iron paw.’ Won’t you support Ms K.

Disclaimer: We take our election serious but looking back over the last three decades, we are embarrassed by the candidates and especially by the accusations they are flinging against each other. In no way was it our intention to offend anyone.


My patch of green

With an increase in temperatures, Indian Summer has arrived full blast and in some areas of our state, records where being shattered. This means there will a few more sun puddle days in which to soak up the warmth, now I just need to figure out how to store the heat for when it is winter. In the meantime it's a trip down from the balcony, along the railing of the deck, along the birdbath and down a few more stairs to the lawn that dad actually needs to rake because it is covered in leaves.

My patch of green heaven

This blade smells pretty good, lets see how it tastes

Ah, so refreshing. Just have to make sure I chew it well
or I'll be throwing up dinner later

Please join us this coming Saturday for an important announcement. We promise you will not be disappointed. 

After this coming weekend we will only be posting once or twice a week. The reason for this is that dad needs to get back to creating art and working on his three other blogs (see sidebar for links). Something he has not done most of the year, since he was in cardiovascular rehabilitation for almost five months to improve his heart condition. This way dad will also be able to visit you and comment as well.


Look at what came in the mail

There came across a huge smile on dads face when late Saturday afternoon he retrieved the mail to find two items addressed to ‘Miss Kitty.’ He had hurried back into the house to show mum, who, by the way could not believe her eyes and was wondering what I had been up to.

Dad then sprinted up the stairs before running out of breath and headed straight for me. I turned towards him and with my usual inquisitive “Meow” inquired to know why he had elected to wake me from my meditations.

“Look what had come in the mail for you” he said.

Still in my declined position, I raised my head, gave the package and envelop its proper sniff inspection, which was followed by another “Meow,” letting dad know it was all right to open, because now I wanted to see what was inside the envelops.

Cheri had mentioned earlier in the week that our package should arrive beginning of the week, but to my surprise, the package came late Saturday afternoon in the post, along with an envelop from Sparkle in Los Angeles. The timing for either item to arrive simultaneously was genuinely fortuitous in a funny sort of a way. In one envelop a book and in another a bookmark.

The book was part of a ‘Give-a-way’ at Cats of Wildcat Woods as seven siblings and Cheri were celebrating their 300th post and wanted to honour it with a just released paperback edition of Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper . The bookmark came from Sparkle the Designer Cat who had a book launch for Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice from the World’s Foremost Feline Columnist.

Currently dad is trying to finish another book about, what else, a woman Jacqueline and the felines in her life, their adventures and lessons they taught her. Once finished, dad will be reading Cheri’s generous gift and sharing the stories of Homer with me.

My apologies for not photographing Miss Kitty with the spread on the table. I followed the wisdom of another, who it is said, cut off the bottom of his rob where the cat was sleeping in order not to disturb the animal, considering I already had interrupted her meditations.

Post Script: I just learned from Bleubeard's human, Elizabeth, that he decided to make a rare appearance on her blog Altered Book Lover, since he permitted Elizabeth to take 'over 100 hundred photos.' So please drop on in and say 'hi.'


Among the autumn leaves

The days have been growing much shorter and one needs to search for the few sun puddles that still remain, before the light disappears behind the trees.

Dad always leaves the sliding door a bit open so that I can go out onto the balcony where I can then view the entire backyard for any intruder. It is also the place I feel the safest when dad is busy inside the house and I just want some fresh air.

This afternoon there were only a few scrub jays among the manzanita trees making all kinds of noise, while only a handful of smaller birds came to the bird feeders for their dinner before searching for a spot to sleep for the night.

Whenever a leaf parted from a tree and tumbled towards the ground I became startled, then looking from where the sound came to make sure it was not a cat entering into my territory. Even when there is a sharp gust of wind the tree then bursts into a rustling crescendo that always seems to have me spooked.

Today with our first participation we joined the weekly event of the Society of Feline Gardeners and are looking forward to many more posts as I love joining dad or mum when they are in the garden.


Sweet smiles, wicket thoughts

These humans, they just don’t know how to relax, taking it easy and just enjoy life. Always busy running around, doing something around the house that a promise made to me was only broken hours later, as daddy never got around to posting one minute after midnight on Saturday the story he had planned because he never got around to write it.

So here is now Tuesday and dad still did not write what we had discussed and agreed upon. Nor has he uploaded and editing the many new photographs he took of me. He appears to be slacking off and I don’t care dad was busy baking and cooking this weekend since we had an out of town guest staying with us and my big sister was home for the weekend.

Dad did surprise me with my very own FavIcon that was imbedded in the blogs HTML code this evening and now graces the URL window. I like it for now but in due time something a bit bolder in design would be more to my liking.

So as I lay on my favorite pillow in deep slumber and the late afternoon light skitters across my fur, I appear to be smiling and I am. Could it be that I am dreaming of mice, a small bird or receiving a tasty morsel from the human’s dinner plate. No, I am smiling because I have wicket thoughts, scheming of all the things I wish daddy to do for me since I have him wrapped around my little paw.

Right now I’ll cut him a little slack, but in the coming weeks I will be cracking the whip and he will be dancing to my tune. So stay tuned and see what unfolds over the next several months.