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Wonderful News

With the holidays behind us, work began by removing the trees ornaments, packing the lights and then cutting the tree, adding the pieces into the green recycle container. There is still more work ahead, at least a full days worth and in the meantime Ms K is was relaxing the couch, watching with eyes half open, the progress that was being made.

Earlier in the morning, before I rose from bed to tackle the day, I was working on the laptop, answering emails, as Ms K relished her extended hours in bed along side of me. 

Keeping warm next to dad in bed

The year 2011 ended on a high note for Ms K and me, having received a wonderful award and a few days later, a package in the mail from Vermont addressed to Ms Kitty.

Our ‘Liebster blog’ award, was bestowed upon us by Mumsy and Furkids. The word Liebster is German and translates to dearest.

Mumsy is a delightful dog and of course Furkids are three  beautiful felines. There is Popsy, Patches and Snookums, who iIam sure have played a game of torment with Mumsy now and then.

Our award

Mumsy and Furkids humans also have another blog, Mumsy’s ramblings and on their last post are pictures of many beautiful red cardinals visiting their garden. I confess, I wish we had this species in our area, but alas, this is not to be so.

Ms K’s package contents

Just before Christmas we received an email from PetNaturals® of Vermont, informing us of their products and asking if we would try one of their products and blog about it. In return we would receive a years supply of Calming Soft-chews for Cats. A product I felt would benefit us not only for Ms K on New Years day but especially Oliver, who as you know is with my daughter at UCSC and you shall meet once I visit them in a couple of weeks.

PetNaturals® of Vermont

In general we have not been endorsing any products or services, but this time we were actually looking for something to soothe Ms K and Oliver, when Oliver comes for a visit, since both were very stressed the last time he came for a visit. Therefore, when we received the request from PetNaturals®, it was very timely, so we decided to give it a try and over the next several weeks we will let you know how things are going. In the meantime, please do have a look at PetNaturals® website and see their many products, which available for both cats and dogs. You can also reach them toll free at: 1.888.340.1995 or check their store finder by typing in your zip code.

For now we wish you all the very best in 2012 and we look forward to another wonderful year, sharing stories and experiences between felines and their humans.