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How hot is hot?

If one needs to ask how hot is it, then it is too hot!

Today our temperatures reached triple digits and it is going to take another several days before things may return back to normal. My relatives in Southern California set new records, with Los Angeles reaching an all time high of 113° degrees. All I can say is that this makes our numbers at 103° and 105° more tolerable, if anything over ninety is tolerable.

Once dad came back from his trip visiting my big sister at the University of Santa Cruz, I headed into the garden and found myself a cool spot on the concrete to cool off on. Here I remained until my stomach felt it was time for dinner. Where is the San Francisco fog when one needs it.


Ah Friday

How quickly the hours pass as another week comes and goes the way of the others. Days get shorter, and sunny spots are harder to find. Dad has been busy on the computer all day, stopping by my pillow when he is taking a break to stretch his legs. Though he disrupts my meditations, I welcome his company.

Dad shares with me some sad news, for a few hours ago he learned of Molly crossing over to the other side of the bridge. She had clung on until mum came back from her trip and when she held Molly, she slowly slipped away, closing her eyes for the last time. Our hearts go out to them, for daddy knows how it feels to lose a friend and companion in ones arms.

We are both quiet, looking out of the window of our balcony into the garden. Watching how the wind plays with the last few minutes of the late afternoon light filtering through the few remaining leaves clinging to the branches and casting magical moving shadows before us. Dad gentle messages my back and neck, then gives me a few paw rubs that always make me purr much louder, as I soak up a few more sun puddles.

This is a big over-sized pillow it’s so very comfy, especially with the soft furry blanket on top. One cannot help but want to sink into a deep slumber. Oh well, time for another ‘power nip’ before dinner. 

Life is indeed good . . .


My new menu

By now you know I am a real fuzzy eater, never eating anything twice in a row and even though I have been given much better entrées this passed year, I refused two nights in a row the offerings, knowing something new was brought home.

How do I know this, well dad came home with two shopping bags of feline goodies. After unpacking, he began to arrange the packages on the kitchen table, rushing to make the late afternoon light streaming through the window before it disappeared behind the trees.

When dad was ready, he let me on the table to inspect the various packages. My first impression was that I had won the lottery; for I knew it was not my birthday and Christmas is still a couple of months away. Well let’s see what’s on the menu.

Main Menu

Iames- Pro Active Health
  • 12 Pâté with gourmet chicken
  • 12 Pâté with tender beef
  • 12 Filets with salmon in sauce
  • 12 Filets with Skipjack tuna in sauce

Meow Mix- Market Select
  • 4 Chicken and whole shrimp in sauce
  • 4 Salmon and crab meat in sauce
  • 4 Tuna and shrimp in sauce

Dessert Treats

Friskies- Natural Sensations
  • Salmon with accents of sunflower and garden veggies
  • Tuna with accents of sunflower and cranberries
  • Chicken with accents of sunflower and seaweed

Friskies- Party Mix
  • Original Crunch; chicken, liver and tuna
  • Beachside Crunch; shrimp, crab and tuna
  • Mixed Grill Crunch; chicken, beef and salmon
  • Cheesy Craze Crunch; Cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack flavors
— - —

Now I just have to decide what to sample first, but tell me where is the designer water list?


Oh no it's the weekend!

What is a cat to do?

Though dad is home during the week, he leaves me mostly alone, except for when he is in the garden or just wants to come by my big pillow and rest his head next to mine for a little while.

Yet on the weekend things are very different around the house, as I won't be getting much rest, not until the evening when all the house cleaning, laundry, gardening and other chores are done. Coming to think of it, dad already did the laundry and part of the house cleaning yesterday.

Earlier last night I overheard dad say to mum that he needed to do some grocery shopping for me tomorrow—can't wait o see what he brings home, cuss I'm a fussy eater. I'll let you know how it went.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

I guess 'Wordless Wednesday' we felines give the humans the day off from taking our dictation, which they still have a hard time understanding, even after all these years. At least they understand when it is we want to be fed, groomed or just given their undivided attention. He'll get the hang of if it before too long . . .      I hope.


A day spent in reflection

Yesterday dad was mostly quiet, doing the usual Saturday routine of cleaning the house and working in the garden. Around mid-day he went into the garden to reflect and pray, remembering the events that unfolded nine years ago.

I decided to join him and sit among the freestanding stone structures, since that is where there was shade as we were experiencing above normal temperatures.

Dad shared with me what he was feeling in his heart and how embarrassed he was about the attention a pastor was getting for the proposed burning of the Koran. Dad felt that not only Americans lost their lives that day when two planes dove into the towers and a third crashed into the Pentagon, but also many individuals of other nationalities and religious beliefs.

Those who perished were first fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who were part of a family before they were Americans or Christians, or of any other nationality or belief. We must begin to embrace all in order to recover and heal our wounds. Yet it also means that we shall not forget the day.

It is indeed very difficult to forgive, but when we do, only then is the burden lifted from our shoulders and doing so reflects a greater emotional maturity then to place ourselves on the same level as our attackers. We need to recapture the spirit of unity that had once bound us together on that day, a day that forever is seared into our lives and in our hearts.


New Beginnings and shared adventures

Welcome to my feline blog where cats rule and have all sorts of fun.

Of course we will also ponder purringly on a few serious but not so serious matters involving a cats life and our humans interpretations of us, which can only be humorous. It seems we felines are constantly in a tug of war, a battle of wits with the human species, regarding who is training whom. Humans think they know it all, but do they. Na . . .    archeologist are still debating the Sphinx, the greatest statue paying tribute to us creatures and will do so for centuries more.

In the meantime you are here reading this and wondering why I am having my own blog, let alone even a Twitter account. It all started the last week of June when my siege and subsequently occupation of daddy’s lap, while he tried using his broken down laptop that was now tittering on the edge of his knees. Did I care? Of course (a long pause here) not. I simple made myself comfortable.

That late night in June dad was showing me some blogs dedicated to family pets, in particular cats. I did not know what to make of the antics these felines were put through. Did dad have in mind dressing me in costumes and having me look ridiculous? No way is this going to happen. Maybe I should sharpen my claws, just in case, as I like to be prepared.

A couple of nights later, I was back on his lap, snuggling comfortable against his stomach, rising and lower with each breath. Periodically he would stop typing and stoking my backside. He asked what I thought of having my own blog; I just turned my head slightly towards him and just looked at him with the corner of my eye, figuring that this was enough to get my point across on the subject. The next day he was following me around, shoving is large camera in my face.

He had taken pictures before, but this was different. Now I know why some celebrities punch out Paparazzo’s. At first I was curious, going along with what he was trying to accomplish but soon it became annoying and I let my feelings known by simple turning away or giving him my shoulder or backside.

Over the next several weeks I would be pulled from my afternoon meditations and situated where the sunlight filtered through the tree, achieving a speckled effect of light and shadow for my close-ups.

So here we are on the first day of a new moon as well as the International Literacy Day that I am beginning a new venture, a collaboration with daddy. Sharing with you over the course of time not only some of my adventures, exploits and mischief, along with feline related subject matter of interest, but also the photography daddy took of my friends and me. So please come back often and to make sure you won’t miss post, please add yourself as a follower, just make sure it links back to you or your blog, otherwise I cannot return the favor.