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How hot is hot?

If one needs to ask how hot is it, then it is too hot!

Today our temperatures reached triple digits and it is going to take another several days before things may return back to normal. My relatives in Southern California set new records, with Los Angeles reaching an all time high of 113° degrees. All I can say is that this makes our numbers at 103° and 105° more tolerable, if anything over ninety is tolerable.

Once dad came back from his trip visiting my big sister at the University of Santa Cruz, I headed into the garden and found myself a cool spot on the concrete to cool off on. Here I remained until my stomach felt it was time for dinner. Where is the San Francisco fog when one needs it.


Christiane said...

Ich habe etwas gestaunt, als ich mir klar gemacht hatte, wie heiß das zur Zeit bei euch ist. Wir könnten etwas mehr Wärme gebrauchen. Hier sind es 12 Grad - das dürfte in Fahrenheit bei 53 liegen. Ein krasser Unterschied.

liebe Grüße
Christiane und Ninifee

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can certainly understand those temperatures. That was what we were experiencing not too long ago. Stay cool, Miss Kitty, and drink lots of water. Hopefully the heat wave will pass soon.

Cat said...

You look so peaceful Miss Kitty, I hope your dreams are sweet! I could watch a sleeping cat for hours; I find it almost a form of meditation. Enjoy the hot weather while you can, it has already turned quite cool and rainy where I am :-)

I have left a comment on your Friday post which I did not see until this morning.

Raymond and Busby said...

Hello Miss Kitty! Too hot! It was 97 here in Capitola yesterday and 103 in Santa Cruz. Horrible! Sounds like it will start to cool down here later this week.

Tell your Dad we got his note about visiting us. Lately our humans have been very busy because our Grandma has just moved here and is getting settled into assisted living. Maybe next time?

Kea said...

Wow, Miss Kitty, that's hot! Here in southeastern Ontario we're about 21C today, which is about 70F. And that's WARM for this time of year. Next week the forecast is for highs of about 54F. So if you send us some hot weather, we'll send some cool, and we'll all be happy!

Sparkle said...

We live in Southern California, Miss Kitty, and yes, it was brutal down here! Even with the air conditioner on, my human was sweaty upstairs! Not that this stopped me from hunting out sun puddles... I guess I am a little addicted to them.

ABBY said...

Dear Miss Kitty

Even here in the Sunshine Heaven (and hot as you know what)state of Florida we don't get over 100 degrees much. We had a spell this summer of over 50+ days of 90 degrees or more which was a record. It's the humidity of 100% that gets you here, and wearing a fur coats it gets mighty warm. We are getting ready to get a tropical depression passing off of our coast tomorrow...*sigh* we wish those silly storms would just go away!



weaverpat said...

Dear Miss Kitty,
After this summer is there any doubt about global warming?! Here in the northeast we kitties had to lay near the fans for six weeks with the temps in the high 90's. We shed a lot!!!
Mom said 'go ahead, I'd like to shed too!'

Try to find those cool spots- on the concrete, in the shade, in the doorway where a breeze may blow through. Hoping you get cooler weather!
Deiter, Tip, Izzy and Penny
And Mom, of course

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Kitty,

how cute and sweet you are! Wow, it is hot over there. Please send some sun over for my cats, we are freezing here in Austria.

Take care
♥ ^__^

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Kitty, You can visit up here. It was in the 60s today and foggy. You do look most relaxed and content lying on your cool spot! Your Dad's been doing good keeping up with your adventures! MsKitty sends regards and purrs.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Could you send some of your hots over here please - mum put the heating on last night!!

Marg said...

Sorry about your horrible temps Miss Kitty. It was that hot here all summer but luckily it has cooled off now and we are sure enjoying this cool weather. Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting our blog.

cats of wildcat woods said...

So hot there for you all - Pop lived there for a while and said that it never got too hot. Stay cool Miss Kitty!

Cory said...

That sounds a bit too hot to handle Miss Kitty! Stay cool!

Huffle Mawson said...

Wow, Miss Kitty, that is seriously hot weather. We had the hots like that here last summer; I wonder if we'll get the same this year?

meowmeowmans said...

You're right, Miss Kitty ... California's definitely been having the hots! My parents live in Southern California, and they said it was 111 degrees there this week. Yikes! We hope you and your dad are managing to stay cool. Have a great day. :)

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Well, over 90 is pushing it. Especially with humidity. We gets lots of humidity in GA.

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Was für ein schöner Blog! Werde mich anschliessend gleich unter den "Readers" einschreiben, damit ich nichts von der kleinen Kitty verpasse. Tolle Fotos und schöne Texte!
Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz... auch von Katerchen Noah