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Sweet smiles, wicket thoughts

These humans, they just don’t know how to relax, taking it easy and just enjoy life. Always busy running around, doing something around the house that a promise made to me was only broken hours later, as daddy never got around to posting one minute after midnight on Saturday the story he had planned because he never got around to write it.

So here is now Tuesday and dad still did not write what we had discussed and agreed upon. Nor has he uploaded and editing the many new photographs he took of me. He appears to be slacking off and I don’t care dad was busy baking and cooking this weekend since we had an out of town guest staying with us and my big sister was home for the weekend.

Dad did surprise me with my very own FavIcon that was imbedded in the blogs HTML code this evening and now graces the URL window. I like it for now but in due time something a bit bolder in design would be more to my liking.

So as I lay on my favorite pillow in deep slumber and the late afternoon light skitters across my fur, I appear to be smiling and I am. Could it be that I am dreaming of mice, a small bird or receiving a tasty morsel from the human’s dinner plate. No, I am smiling because I have wicket thoughts, scheming of all the things I wish daddy to do for me since I have him wrapped around my little paw.

Right now I’ll cut him a little slack, but in the coming weeks I will be cracking the whip and he will be dancing to my tune. So stay tuned and see what unfolds over the next several months.


Serafina Seidenfell said...

Hallo liebe Kitty,

die Menschen können viel von uns Katzen lernen - zur einen Zeit aktiv sein, zu anderen Zeiten richtig entspannen. Schön, dass Deine Schwester zuhause war. Du hast Dich sicher gefreut!

Jetzt träum schön weiter, wie Du Deinen Dad nach Deiner Pfeife tanzen lassen kannst. Ich habe meine Leute auch gut im Griff.

Ganz liebe Grüße


PS. Kerstin schreibt später eine Email an Euch. Sie hat im Moment viel zu tun.

Sparkle said...

Ms. Kitty, you are far more patient with your human than I am with mine.

Luzia said...

Oh liebe Miss Kitty, nachdem ich nun schon seit Freitag mit diesen drei Superkatern in Potsdam geschmust habe, weis ich wieder ganz genau, was Entspannung heißt. Eigentlich müsste jede Katze dieser Welt mit zweitem Vornamen "relax" heißen:-)) Und Dein wissendes Lächeln auf dem schönen neuen Foto zeigt mir, dass Du über den Dingen stehst. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt, zu welch schönen Aktionen Du Daddy bringen wirst in den nächsten Wochen?! Er soll ruhig schön nach Deiner "Pfeiffe tanzen", denn tanzen ist außerdem ein gutes Cardio-training. Ich werde ab morgen dann einem Deiner Hauptinteressen nachgehen, das in Deinem Profil genannt ist. Meine Reise führt mich weiter nach Mecklenburg Vorpommern, wo ich mich auf die Suche nach den Vögeln des Glücks (Kraniche) machen werde. Es sollen schon mehrere 10tausende versammelt sein, die sich bald auf den Weg nach Süden machen wollen, um dem Winter zu entfliehen. Ich hoffe, dass ich ein paar von ihnen fotografieren kann, um sie Dir dann mal zu zeigen. Bis bald und viele Grüße schickt Euch Luzia.

katzenfreundin said...

Liebe Miss Kitti,

wir Menschen könnten von den Katzen wirklich lernen, wie man sich entspannt. Es ist immer wieder eine Freude, Katzen beim Entspannen, beim Kuscheln zuzusehen. Und dann wünschte ich mir schon manches Mal, ach, wäre ich doch selbst eine Katze und könnte so unbekümmert entspannen, wirklich abschalten.

Liebe Grüße und noch eine schöne Woche.


Diamond said...

my human is also pretty slack. Miaouwwwww!!!!!

weaverpat said...

Dear Miss Kitty,
Unfortunately we humans tend to slack off if we aren't watched constantly. We easily forget our training and sometimes even think we might be in charge.
A good sensible cat's gentle discipline (sometimes all it takes is a LOOK!) can set us back on the right path.

Your Daddy loves you very much and he seems to be willing enough to meet your every need. Just a small amount of retraining should be all that's necessary.
Waking him up at 4:30 in the morning was a good start!

Best regards to you and your Daddy,
Pat (the humble caretaker)
Deiter, Tipper, Izzy and Penny (we who are IN CONTROL!)

Kea said...

Sadly, most of the humans of our acquaintance are slack and lazy and in dire need of training and discipline!

Good luck with yours, Miss Kitty!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

We humans often get busy with our own lives, wrapped up in things that are important to us. Just yesterday I got so wrapped up in myself, I didn't realize Bleubeard's water dish was totally, completely, empty. That plea was all it took to straighten me out and keep a better eye on his needs. Today it was the first thing I changed, even before I fixed my drink.

So Miss Kitty, fear not. Your dad will be picking up the slack soon enough. After all, that FavIcon is a pretty super present in its own right. The gift of TIME is always the best gift. Have a lovely week.

Elizabeth (who does the typing) and
Bleubeard (who does the sleeping and preening)

Hannah and Lucy said...

We think the odd smacky paw might be necessary to keep your daddy toeing the line.

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Oh, da könnte man sich doch glatt dazu legen und auch ein wenig dösen. Mein Kater Noah liegt gerade neben mir auf dem Tisch und schläft ebenfalls den Schlaf der Gerechten. Er meinte aber, ich soll der Kitty einen Gruss über den Ozean schicken.
Was ich somit mache... sind wir nicht alle Sklaven unserer Fellnasen, ohne dass wir es merken... oder wir merken es, nehmen es aber gelassen hin :o).
Liebe Grüsse

Cat said...

Miss Kitty has a Mona Lisa smile for sure...just a the slightest upturn of the lips to tease us and we wonder what are her secret plots, plans and ploys? Yes we will stay tuned :-)

We all dance to the same cat tune - LOL!

Katnip Lounge said...

Miss Kitty, we see we need to study you closely to learn many of the finer points of Human Mind Control, at which you are most certainly a Master (Mistress?)!

Fin said...

As it should be Miss Kitty!

meowmeowmans said...

Miss Kitty, you look so charming with that smile on your face as you lay sleeping. You are so kind for cutting your dad some slack, but we look forward with great anticipation to see what you have planned in the upcoming months! :)

Anonymous said...

OH! A Cat's thoughts...hmmm! Mind bending! And baking and cooking are no excuse, are they! I hope you were able to sample the products of all this baking and cooking.

I do like your favicon; stunning face, I must say!

Happy napping, purring and relaxing; someone has to do it!

isabel gutiérrez said...

Hola Miss Kitty, aunque me puedo expresar en inglés prefiero escribir en español porque me es más facil y ligero.

Efectivamente los humanos no sabemos disfrutar casi nunca de los momentos más placenteros, como es el sólo acto de dormir. Nos poneros la radio, dormimos delante de la tele, leemos libros hasta que nos vence el sueño, etc.

Sin embargo mi gato Tomasin ya está roncando desde el primer instante en que posa sus cuatro kilos de peso sobre mi esternón.

Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog. Un beso para tí y tu papá.

Marg said...

Miss Kitty, it does sound like that Daddy does need some further training. He needs to get going with those pictures because we sure would like to see more of you. You are so smart to be able to read all these comments in all different languages. We are impressed. Take care and have a great day.

lupie said...

Ohhh whip ... Ms. Kitty is getting serious!


Thanks for alerting me on the out of proportion pix and tips to fix it!

Hugs & Love to Ms. Kitty & Dad!!

cats of wildcat woods said...

You have such a sweet smile we cannot think you would have wicket thoughts Miss Kitty! Mom has not been feeling well so your prize will be mailed on Thursday!

Derby, Ducky said...

You look so sweet Miss Kitty when you are sleeping.

Mum says they are not done working on the waterfall area. Some of the plants were damaging it by growing into the waterfall. Hopefully in time they will put native species plants back to make it pretty again.