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Thanksgiving Day wishes

To those who are hosting this years Thanksgiving Day event,
may everything go according to your plans and
that your home is filled with the laughter
of friends and family.

You, who are traveling, may your journey be safe
and your hearts filled with joy.

Wishing you all the very best 
Ms K and Egmont

See you all very soon . . .

Now dad is off to the kitchen
to do his magic



Our families Cranberry Salsa

Do we have to get up? It is so very nice here

For the last 14-16 years that I have been making it, the recipe has undergone an evolution from when it was first discovered in a Martha Stewart’s magazine. Over the years, numerous changes have been applied to it and now it has become more my recipe. With this years version, it may also just be my best, so I better write it down in order that I know or next year.

This salsa is not only good on Thanksgiving Day, but also later in the year on cold cuts instead of mayonnaise. I even had it today while it was cooking with tortilla rounds and it was delicious. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts on this.

Jars of cranberry salsa cooling

As with all recipes, we need to make adjustment to suit our tastes, so if you make adjustments that is all right with me, just remember to maintain proportions with the taste you are trying to achieve. Here is the recipe for making it:

The base: 

Tostitos chunky salsa - mild x1

Ocean Spray whole cranberry sause x2 
(Note: this year the can is 2 oz. smaller and the whole cranberries almost invisible when compared to the previous years.)

You can vary the quantities on the remaining ingredients but this is what I used this year: 

1 large or 2 small red onions, cut small

1 medium size onion, cut small

1 bunch (5 to a bunch) green onions, cut very fine

3 medium-large plump Roma tomatoes, diced

1 large red bell pepper, cut small

1 large lemon and lemon peel slivers, (roll lemon on the cutting board with some pressure to release the juices and oils before cutting the skin into thin slivers which are then copped to 1/2” length

1/4 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of yellow raisins 

2 bunches of cilantro (if the bunch is small get 3, you want plenty) chop real fine

1 medium large orange, sliced and diced
1/4 − 1/2 cup pine nuts, whole
This is what I am going to try next year.

Cook all these at medium flame and when the center bubbles, reduce heat to medium-low, stir often so the bottom does not burn. Cook for one hour with the last 20 minutes on low.

Remember you can prepare this several days in advance and refrigerate. These extra days allow the flavors to merge. When serving, please remember to warm it up. Enjoy.

Oh good, we are finished. Though it took only
two hours, I am tired and ready for a nap

Sharing my pillow—nice, I love you dad



Creating an animation or slideshow

Listen up, I am here to show you how to do an animation, 
which can also be used to create a slideshow

Our last post we had two animations and were asked by a fellow reader how it was done. Though it is rather simple, it does take a little planning, especially if one decides to add text. Overall the process requires a little forethought as to what one wishes to achieve.

Now I use Photoshop, which has an animation feature. Adobe’s Elements 10, available for Macintosh and Windows, has a feature for turning pictures into movies, which is not the same as creating a regular animation. I did search Adobe’s Element 10 website for an answer if they have an animation feature, but was unable to discover any mention of it.

I mentioned that you can also create a slideshow of your images and not just an animation, between the two there is little difference, so what I am sharing with you today, applies to both.

In order to achieve a good sequence of multiple images it is important to have the camera on a tripod and the subject matter moving slowly so that you are able to capture a good number of images that are equally spaced out, so not to appear choppy. Now if you are working with only two or three images already available, just make sure that they work in the sequence your planning to put together.

Copy all your images into a folder and I suggest adding a prefix of #01, #02 etc., to each image so you know which one to import first into Photoshop. As you begin to open an image decide what size the animation is going to be, then resize the image and save it for ‘Web and other Devises’. This way you will optimize each image and reduce file size. Do this to all the images you are planning to use.

Concerning the final size of the animation/slideshow, I recommend no larger that 400 pixels and no smaller than 150 pixels for best results within Blogger. I should also point out that once it is uploaded to Blogger, it has to be  at ‘Original Size’ or it will not run, but let’s get back to importing the images to Photoshop.

Now that they are all resized, create a new file based on their final size and begin importing them with the first image first and so forth. You will notice that you have created a set of layers, one upon another. Now safe it.

Building upon the first image and layer

All images are imported and in their own layer

Make sure all layers are deselected except for the first image

Select and obtain the animation window from the menu bar

Import the first image. Note you are in frame mode, which is preferred 

After having imported all your images it is time to select
the exposure of each image

Select the desired exposure rate

With all still selected set to ‘forever’ otherwise the animation will only run once

Now save for the internet

Make sure to check GIF to it will not work

Time to check how it looks and if it needs any adjustments -
remember it needs to be 'Original Size'

If you are doing a slide show, the only thing you will do is adjust the length each frame is exposed in order to allow one to view the image before proceeding to the next one. Should your slide show contain vertical and horizontal images there are two other steps that needs to be accomplished before importing all your images.

When one combines vertical and horizontal, your end format will be a square and the background will be white unless you decide to go transparent. For a sample of a combination of vertical and horizontal images in a square  layout please visit my Art of Aids post.

Now it is time for an afternoon snooze before dinner