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Finally my turn

Today was simple beautiful. Dad was cleaning the house and washing the tiles, when I decided to go out on the balcony. After seeing it was all clear and that there was more sun puddles to be had on the deck I ventured there. Dad kept an eye on my so I felt safe but I could not help be on special alert. After a gust of wind, causing leaves to be picked from the branches, tumbling down to the awaiting pile covering much of the backyard, it was especially those that had already fallen and were now stirred that caused me to be on alert. 

Dad has access to a new camera, a small pocket digital that has been laying around his son’s room and was not being used, so now I get my picture taken a little more.

I have to focus on our fence line making sure there is no one trespassing.

Now back on the balcony the surveillance continues

because one has to keep an eye for intruders.

I even have to look over dad’s shoulder.

Sometimes it gets so busy all I do is turn my head
from one side to the other —

It can make you dizzy.

Time for a break and soak up some weaning autumn sunlight.

Now before you leave us, let me share with you
my next post. It is about dad and what he
has been up to these last months.

Here is a preview.



The Leonardo of Silicon Valley

I am saddened by the loss of a great innovator and modern day Santa Clara's Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, who passed away this afternoon.

If you are an Apple product user you will know what I mean, because it was his vision that propelled us into the digital era and to experience things differently.

Please observe a moment of silence

1984 Super Bowl Commercial introducing the
Macintosh Computer