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A little of everything and more

I had no intention for dad not to take so long in preparing the artwork and photographs for my next post, but then there were circumstances over which he seemed to have little control. Therefore there is a little of this and a little of that, in other words, a little bit of everything and more.

First off, Ms Kitty wishes to say thank you to all who visited and also to those who have left a comment supporting her candidacy for Empress of California in the upcoming November 2nd mid-term elections. It is a very close tight race in this state but she and her staff feel that there is a good chance she can pull this off as a write-in candidate.

In the meantime, numerous new followers who I wish to acknowledge and say thank you for adding our blog to their roster. Thank you to 

Shannon Frederick, no links available;
Elle Zelics, Twitter and her blog;
Cloon, short for Clonney, a feline also know as George Clooney;
another feline hunk Maximus in Canada at Giuld-rez Guildwood and
an unnamed person's blog, Mini Historia de Casita de Cartes;
and Michele Turner’s blog chocolate and marmalade tea where 
she and her felines cook up some goodies.


Rain, rain, guess I’ll just watch it from my throne

It seems that the rain season has arrived rather early this year or it is just making a brief appearance before returning us to a few more weeks of an Indian Summer. While dad is letting the house breath by opening all the doors, I like to sit by the front door and not only guard the entrance but also welcome any family member who's coming home early.

Martha Stewart’s LIVING, October 2010

When dad was at the doctors office, he saw Martha Stewart’s October issue of Living. It has been way too many months since he saw one of her magazine last and as he was flipping through the pages, he was rather surprised to see a large number of advertisements for felines products, along with felines being in pictures having nothing to do with cat products. 

Yap he brought the issue home from the office and as he was getting it ready to photograph the various pages, I just had to investigate to make sure dad was not pulling the wool over anyones eyes. Noticed how the cat pictured in the Purina ONE ad looks a lot like me.

Cats featured in the October issue of LIVING

There was a total of twelve feline ads but dad only photographed eleven, guess he was in a hurry to finish since the natural light was disappearing behind the tress.

LIVING November 2010, cover and flip side

It seems the dogs have now sought their revenge and Martha, a dog lover no doubt, provided the canine their just dessert by giving them the entire flip side of the LIVING Thanksgiving Day issue.

Pet Finder screen shots of their iPhone application

On a much different subject matter, I was updating my iPhone applications and then had a look to see what there was available for free when I came across one I think you might be interested in having on your iPhone. Since I have installed it, I gave it a quick test run and found it did its job for which it was intended very well. I did not check if it is available for the iPad.


Dad having designed bookmarks for his other blogs, he decoded to do a calendar version for me. After he designed this set, the original larger version (available here) was a little too large for a paperback book but not a hardbound book. Never-the-less, in gratitude of your support we are announcing to develop a quarterly set for next year, but the clincher is that the pictures are not all of me. We are going to have a drawing for the best ones set in. So stay tuned for details to follow in the next couple of weeks.

So there you have it, a rather long posting to make
up for the delay in not having one since last.

Until next time, wishing you all the best


Serafina Seidenfell said...

Hallo liebe Miss Kitty,

und wieder hat Dein Dad so schöne Bilder von Dir gemacht - Deine Farbe harmoniert wunderbar mit den Blättern im Hintergrund!

Und bei dem Wetter machst Du es richtig, wenn Du mit Deinem Dad in den Journalen nach Katzen suchst. Der Chow-Chow auf dem Novemberheft ist auch sehr schön - Chow-Chows sind Moms Lieblingshunde. Wenn sie nicht uns Katzen hätte, würde sie einen in Haus holen.

Die Kalender-Lesezeichen sind toll! Kerstin hat sie sich ausgedruckt. Lieben Dank an Deinen Dad!

Ganz liebe Grüße


katzenfreundin said...

Hallo Miss Kitty,

was für wunderschöne Fotos, das von dir wieder sind. Und deine Farbe passt wirklich perfekt zu dem Hintergrund.

Liebe Grüße und noch eine schöne Restwoche wünscht


Anonymous said...

Well, Hello Miss Kitty~!!! How have you been. Sorry about the lack of visiting (it's ALL mom's fault). Mom LOVES the Martha Stewart magazine and thinks that pumpkin is fantastic! Is that YOU in that add???

meowmeowmans said...

Hello Miss Kitty and Egmont,

It is rainy here today, too. We think you have the right idea,Miss Kitty ... sitting and watching from your throne (and what a magnificent throne it is!).

That's such an interesting observation about the Martha Stewart Living ads, Egmont. I've noticed many more cats in ads and commercials recently, too. And in my opinion (and as Martha herself might say), that is a very good thing.

Have a terrific day, friends.

Kevin aka "meowmeowmans"

Hannah and Lucy said...

There can never be too many cats in commercials - think of the horror if it was dogs!!

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Hallo Miss Kitty
Mensch, Mädel, Du bist eine echte Schönheit. Der Kalender mit Dir sieht top aus. Aber auch die Collage der Katzenwerbung, welche Dein Dad gemacht hat, ist total witzig.
Bei uns könntest Du schon bald dem Schnee und nicht den Regentropfen zu sehen. Heute hatten wir aber noch mal einen herrlichen Spätsommertag, den Noah und ich im Garten verbracht haben. Er lässt Dich übrigens schön grüssen.
Take care

Cat said...

Hello Miss Kitty, I look forward to hearing more details about your calendar bookmark draw....sounds like a great idea!!!

weaverpat said...

Dear Miss K,
Your latest photos are lovely. How regal you look on your throne!

We are always gratified to see ads featuring cats as long as they are done with the taste and dignity worthy of the superior feline species. We will just have to trust that Marth will uphold the quality of excellence when choosing her ads featuring cats.

We notice that you, Miss K, are personally overseeing your Dad's artistic work. He could not have a better advisor!
Thank you for the delightful bookmarks! How generous of you to offer more in the future.

Best regards to you and Dad from Pat and the Kitties

ABBY said...

Dear Miss Kitty
You are so lucky to have a Dad who is techno-savvy. My Mom is not. Don't tell her I said this, but sometimes I think I know more than she does! I certainly enjoyed your posting, all of the photographs are so beautiful. You of course are an amazing subject which your Dad photographs so lovingly.


Admiral Hestorb said...

You are so beautiful. I am also in my golden years, I am 12 and a very loved Torie.

Banana and Cheese said...

Well Hello Miss Kitty!! We love the calendar bookmark! We downloaded it.
Cheese thinks your are a gorgeous kitty. Well, I think you are just down right cool.



Stacy Hurt said...

Bon Jour Miss Kittie. Lovely Girl; I am 15 and am the Queen of my home. I see we have much in common. I shall check out your blog more and enjoy your lovely photographs.

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I simply had to stop by and see what you and dad were up to. I am trying to stay off the computer because my back is in bad shape. Bleubeard has been SO understanding and thoughtful, though. I know that's true of you when dad feels bad. Dad took some wonderful photos of you. He really knows how to capture you. And even before I read the post, I thought how much that cat looked like you. I hope the rain ends soon because rain is no fun when you want to go outside. It's been dry and sunny here, so Bleubeard doesn't know what it's like. Of course, he'll have to put up with snow soon, something you don't worry about.

I must get off the computer, now. I just dropped by to tell you how much we've both missed you. BTW, today is Bleubeard's birthday. I plan a bit of a party for him soon.

Admiral Hestorb said...

I came back to enjoy your beauty again. Or, my mom did. I'm so beautiful that I usually just look at myself. She cheats and looks at other kitties as well. :-)

Katnip Lounge said...

Hello Miss Kitty, we have been away from commenting for a few days and are now just catching up!
Your bookmarks are quite beautiful (how can they not be?) and we are looking forward to your draw.
Also, you may be confident of our votes on Nov.2!!

Marg said...

Hello Miss Kitty. Your book mark is just fantastic. That Martha Stewart magazine look really good. We need to get our assistant to get one of those. We love to see kitty pictures. Thanks for all this great info
Take care and have a super weekend.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Your daddy is a MAC person. GOOD on him!!

cats of wildcat woods said...

Fun post - we look forward to more on the calendar bookmark draw. Happy Halloween form all of us.

Luzia said...

Liebe Miss Kitty, wie wundervoll Dein Fell in der Herbstsonne glänzt! Wie gerne hätte ich solch eine Haarfarbe auf meinem Kopf! Denn was gibt es schöneres als die goldenen warmen Farben im Herbst?! Ich muß sagen, dass Dein Daddy sich wieder sehr viel Mühe mit dem post gemacht hat. Wie aufmerksam er die Zeitschriften nach Katzenberichten studiert hat. Und dann noch dieses Lesezeichen für Deine Fans und Leser. Einen besseren Daddy und blog administrator würdest Du nicht finden können. Ich hoffe, dass Du das zu würdigen weist und wirklich aufmerksam zu ihm bist?! Im Moment könnte er für seinen kratzigen Hals sicher etwas Zuwendung und Schmuseeinheiten gebrauchen:-)) Ich hoffe, dass es ihm bald wieder besser geht! Euch beiden wünsche ich noch eine wunderbare Woche und etwas mehr Sonnenschein als in den vergangenen Tagen. Herzliche Grüße von Luzia.