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New Beginnings and shared adventures

Welcome to my feline blog where cats rule and have all sorts of fun.

Of course we will also ponder purringly on a few serious but not so serious matters involving a cats life and our humans interpretations of us, which can only be humorous. It seems we felines are constantly in a tug of war, a battle of wits with the human species, regarding who is training whom. Humans think they know it all, but do they. Na . . .    archeologist are still debating the Sphinx, the greatest statue paying tribute to us creatures and will do so for centuries more.

In the meantime you are here reading this and wondering why I am having my own blog, let alone even a Twitter account. It all started the last week of June when my siege and subsequently occupation of daddy’s lap, while he tried using his broken down laptop that was now tittering on the edge of his knees. Did I care? Of course (a long pause here) not. I simple made myself comfortable.

That late night in June dad was showing me some blogs dedicated to family pets, in particular cats. I did not know what to make of the antics these felines were put through. Did dad have in mind dressing me in costumes and having me look ridiculous? No way is this going to happen. Maybe I should sharpen my claws, just in case, as I like to be prepared.

A couple of nights later, I was back on his lap, snuggling comfortable against his stomach, rising and lower with each breath. Periodically he would stop typing and stoking my backside. He asked what I thought of having my own blog; I just turned my head slightly towards him and just looked at him with the corner of my eye, figuring that this was enough to get my point across on the subject. The next day he was following me around, shoving is large camera in my face.

He had taken pictures before, but this was different. Now I know why some celebrities punch out Paparazzo’s. At first I was curious, going along with what he was trying to accomplish but soon it became annoying and I let my feelings known by simple turning away or giving him my shoulder or backside.

Over the next several weeks I would be pulled from my afternoon meditations and situated where the sunlight filtered through the tree, achieving a speckled effect of light and shadow for my close-ups.

So here we are on the first day of a new moon as well as the International Literacy Day that I am beginning a new venture, a collaboration with daddy. Sharing with you over the course of time not only some of my adventures, exploits and mischief, along with feline related subject matter of interest, but also the photography daddy took of my friends and me. So please come back often and to make sure you won’t miss post, please add yourself as a follower, just make sure it links back to you or your blog, otherwise I cannot return the favor.


Kea said...

Hi Miss Kitty, welcome to the blog world! It's a pleasure to "meet" you. Thank you for stopping by our Fuzzy Tales blog.

If you haven't already done so, do stop by the Cat Blogosphere at You'll find links to many, many cat blogs and you'll be welcomed into a very caring, wonderful community.

-Annie, Nicki, Derry, "angel" Chumley and the human, Kim

Cat said...

Hello Miss Kitty, Thank you for stopping by my blog today and saying hello. Welcome to the Cat Blogging community. As Kim said above, the Cat Blogosphere is a wonderful group of people...and cats of course!

My kitties and I have been added to your followers and we look forward to reading all your adventures :-)

Lucy the Cat said...

Hi Miss Kitty,
I had to laugh about punching the paparazzi. Yes, I understand too. I am always being disturbed by the camera. I have to warn you that it only get worse. Anyway, it's nice to meet you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Kitty, I can tell you are quite the special, intelligent feline by your wonderful portrait. Great eyes! How are the claws doing? I look forward to more of your sage comments....MsKitty will be oh so jealous; she doesn't have her blog!

Huffle Mawson said...

Hi Miss Kitty. I saw you comment on Kea's blog so I came over to say hello. I'm from Australia and I'm a black cat. It's very nice to meet you! Come over and say hi sometime.

Luzia said...

Hallo liebe Miss Kitty, ich entspreche Deinem Wunsch und werde nun immer in Deutsch an Dich schreiben. Dein Paps hat sich wirklich viel Mühe gemacht mit Deinem Auftritt und ich hoffe, dass Du das zu würdigen weist mit ein paar Schmuseeinheiten extra für ihn?! In Deinem Profil las ich diese schreckliche Geschichte mit dem Hund vor zwei Jahren:-(( Wie gut, dass Dir damals nichts schlimmeres passiert ist und Du Deiner Gastfamilie noch viel Freude machen kannst. Für Dein Alte siehst Du übrigens noch blendend aus finde ich! Ich würde Dich sehr gerne malen aber dazu brauche ich ein Foto von Dir in einer größeren Auflösung (ca. 400MB oder größer). So eines, wie das auf dem Du hier abgebildet bist wäre ideal. Sprich doch mal mit Deinem Paps, ob er mir dieses Foto mal schicken kann, denn ich arbeite gerade an einer Katzenserie. Ich weis schon, dass er sehr beschäftigt ist und sich auch sehr um seine Gesundheit bemühen muß. Also mach ihm keinen Stress, denn als Gott die Zeit erfunden hat, hat er genug davon erfunden. Jede Katze weis das oder?! Nur wir Menschen haben da so unsere Schwierigkeiten;-)) also für heute wünsche ich Euch noch schöne Schmusestunden und einen sonnigen Fensterplatz für Dich liebe Kitty. Viele Grüße sendet Dir Luzia aus dem "alten Europa".

ABBY said...

Hello Miss Kitty
(and what a pretty Kitty you are).
I saw your comment over at Fuzzy Tales so I thought I'd come over and introduce myself. I'm Abby the head honcho over here at Manx Mnews...and of course that means I'm the Manx. I share my house with 2 other girls and 2 other boys. It's a challenge to keep up with 4 other kitties but I do my best. Come on over and I'll introduce you to my siblings.


cats of wildcat woods said...

Welcome to blog world Miss Kitty! There are lots of us and we have fun joining in with the CB's gang (that's Cat Blogosphere) Hope to see you soon!

teresa stieben said...

I quite enjoyed reading the tale and point of view. Though I have become a birder these last few years I have painted a few enjoyable feline portraits in the past, which entailed an unorthodox photo-shoot of following the clients around their apartment to capture pose, so I can relate. Hugs Teresa

Mishkat said...

Greetings, Miss Kitty! We are very happy to meet you - and we think you are most beautiful. (We also hope your human doesn't bother you with the camera TOO much!) Thanks for stopping by our blog.

Many purrs -
Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha (the Mishkat cats)

P.S. We highly recommend the Cat Blogosphere also - the humans who help run it are the best!

Busby and Raymond said...

Hello Miss Kitty! How lovely to meet you. Thank you for visiting our blog today. We are always happy to meet other Bay Area cats. Our humans lived in San Francisco for years.

We look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hello, Miss Kitty, we came by from the CB to meet the new blogging kitty. You are very pretty.

us4 cats said...

Hi! we wanted to say 'welcome' to the cat blogging world. you are beautiful- our Junior and yourself have very similar colorings.

welcome aboard :)

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hello Miss Kitty we are delighted to meet you - we were directed her from the Cats Blogosphere to introduce ourselves and say welcome.
We understand your niggles with the flashy box we feel the same as you do although it is great to make new friends and have a gossip and the odd moan about our humans!!
Come over and visit us sometime too

The Island Cats said...

Hi Miss Kitty! It's so nice to meet you! We look forward to hearing more of your stories!!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

AFSS said...

Hi, we have managed to teach our photographer a bit more manners but not much. That flashy thing can be annoying sometimes.We heard about you on the catblogosphere.

Derby, Ducky said...

Hi Miss Kitty, welcome to the Cat Blogoshere. Enjoy all of the furiends you will make. Stop by when you can.

Derby and Ducky

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hey, Miss Kitty (or do you prefer Miss van Dyck?). Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. You will find a get bunch of kitties and beans hanging out here.

Does your Dad have a place to put an enclosure? You might feel better about going outside if there was an fenced in area where you could still feel safe, but where stray dogs and other critters couldn't get to you.

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Hi Miss Kitty!!! We are very pleased to meet you!!! Welcome to Cat Blogging!! WE shall be back to hear more about you!!
Your TX furiends,