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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

I guess 'Wordless Wednesday' we felines give the humans the day off from taking our dictation, which they still have a hard time understanding, even after all these years. At least they understand when it is we want to be fed, groomed or just given their undivided attention. He'll get the hang of if it before too long . . .      I hope.


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Erm ... it's supposed to be WORDLESS Wednesday! MOL! But the pic is beautiful.

AFSS said...

We love the picture of you. We personally thinks cats should be mandatory at all times BUT ..... sometimes the beans don't listen. I mean Friday Mommy showcases the dog! ON WW we just show pictures with No Words cept sometimes we has to explain the picture so it is an almost WW.

Busby and Raymond said...

Hello Miss Kitty! Somedays are less wordless than others.

Kea said...

You can do "Wordy" Wednesday too...or whatever it is you darn well please. LOL.

Hannah and Lucy said...

It doesn't matter whether it is wordy or wordless Wednesday - it doesn't even have to have Wednesday in the title - you can post about what you want any day. Sometimes there may be a theme and you want to join in or not as you please and you don't have to put the day in the title.
Just do your own thing and enjoy what you do or there's no fun in it.

Luzia said...

Liebe Miss Kitty, das ist die große Kunst, sich nach all diesen Jahren immer noch so interessant zu machen. Ohne Worte, in dieser schönen Pose, bist Du einfach der Star im Hause und ich glaube Du weist das auch;-)) Eine Katze hat kein Herrchen, wie ein Hund. Eine Katze hat ihr Personal! Wunderbar aristokratisch diese Haltung;-)) Ich bewundere Dich und sende Dir viele Grüße von Luzia.

Lucy the Cat said...

Hello Gorgeous Miss Kitty,
Yes, we can hope that someday they'll understand us completely (Mama says that even after 14 years with me, she still doesn't always understand me). You look very thoughtful today.

ABBY said...

Hello Miss Kitty:
We say wordless or wordy whatever we cats feel like is what we do on Wednesdays!
YOU sure are looking fabulous. You're gorgeous and your Dad takes gorgeous pictures of you.


The Island Cats said...

You're looking lovely today, Miss Kitty!

Serafina Seidenfell said...

Hallo liebe Kitty,

it must not be a Wordless Wednesday but it can be a Wonderfull Wednesday - both is WW.

I can´t believe, that you a 16 years old lady, when I look at this pretty cat on the photo.

Apropos - my people understand without words, too.

Bis dann


Ginger Jasper said...

Hello sweet kitty, came by to say hello and thanks for visitng .. I love visitors. Hugs GJ xx

cats of wildcat woods said...

Wonderful post - wordy or not! we always love hearing from you.