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The week after Thanksgiving Day

We hope that everyone has had a grand Thanksgiving Day and has survived those three days that followed, when finally reality hit on Monday that it was back to work. For dad it was not work since he has been out of of work for a few years, rather it was however back for the last two weeks of cardiovascular rehabilitation that was granted by the insurance company after he made his case for an extension.
Deep in dreamland
At our house Thanksgiving Day is a big event, all of which is orchestrated by dad. He not only takes care of the bird, giving it a ‘brine and spice’ soaking for 24 hours, then a bake/roast combination, he takes charge of the entire menu, which usually ends up being 12 to 15 dishes, not counting the turkey or desserts. 

All in all, this year ended up being the best Thanksgiving Day ever. It was the most organized and above all ‘stress-free’.

This was our 2010 menu

Cranberry salsa (our replacement for standard gravy)

Persian green rice with dill and peas

Pears w/green beans and bacon

Roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower with gruyére cheese 
Sweet potato purée w/orange juice, granny smith apples and heavy cream
Roasted carrots and fennel with lemon juice
Roasted multi-variety onion and leek dish with balsamic vinegar
Mash potatoes
Roasted medley of three different baby potatoes with rosemarie
Roasted squash medley and carrot mix
Corn bread with cheese, green onion and bacon
Maple pecan bread
The guests brought  to the table
Pumpkin pie and an apple pie, including the appropriate riesling wine.
So you cannot blame dad for not having posted these last sixteen days, but between rehab and preparing for Thanksgiving Day, he has been rather pre-occupied.
If you have managed to read all the way down to here, know there is still plenty of time left to enter Ms K’s calendar bookmark contest. For details see previous post. Also give a little thought to lighting since a most even light gives the best results.
In closing, we are trying to resolve a serious problem with Ms K’s Google Profile and dad’s Google Profile, which has kept us from being more visible. So far any help from the Google help community has fallen on deaf ears, but we will continue to try and clear up the ID conflicts that has effected our following other blogs and commenting.
Later today we will be looking at christmas trees and begin retrieving the boxes from the closet with our decorations and plan on this years theme for the tree.
Wishing you a warm and safe start to the holiday season
PostScript: We apologize for not having provided any photographs of the Thanksgiving Day table, but after serving the dishes, dad sank into his chair and simply watched the reaction of his guests and family members. Also note today's single photograph of Ms K showing two different versions with the second one being darkened around the edges to increase the focal point of Ms K’s face. -e


Sparkle said...

OMC, my human enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner and her boyfriend went to, but now she wishes she went to yours instead! She is hungry all over again!

Kea said...

Any time your dad wants a little vacation, tell him to feel free to visit us in southeastern Ontario. The mom would be ecstatic to have someone cook!

Cat said...

Your thanksgiving menu sounds fantastic!!! Perhaps you will share some of your recipes with us :-)

I love the the picture of Miss K, especially the second version.

Katnip Lounge said...

Your Dad is quite the gourmand...Mommy says she'll be there for the next big do! She makes killer fudge brownies, btw...

cats of wildcat woods said...

Sounds like quite a feast! Our Pop cooked here too but we had brunch instead! Mom had to work1

Admiral Hestorb said...

You are so beautiful Mrs K and seeing your lovely likeness with your gorgeous face highlighted just fills the bill.

Your dad can join me and assist or do the meal preparations for Christmas..and he shpuld bring you along so that you may meet the Admiral..a venerable lady if 12 years.

Marg said...

Wow,can we put in our request for an invitation to your Thanksgiving next year. That sounds delicious. No wonder Dad just sat there to watch all the people enjoy. Those are great pictures too. Take care and have a fantastic day.

Luna and Luzie said...

We don´t have Thanksgiving like you here in Germany. But it sounds like a wonderful family celebration with a great meal .
Have a great week !

Gattina said...

I hope you got your share from this delicious menu ! at least a big piece of turkey. My cats have to wait until Christmas, as we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe.

Ginger Jasper said...

Wow that is some feast. Your dad is some good cook. I hope you got some too. Hugs GJ x

Lucy the Cat said...

Oh, Mama is practically drooling over all those wonderful Thanksgiving dishes! Wow! Miss Kitty, I hope you got some turkey! I did and it was delicious!

Interesting idea about adjusting the second picture to bring the focus on the face. We wish we knew more about that stuff. Both pictures are beautiful.

The Chair Speaks said...

You sure are pretty Miss Kitty. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here.

weaverpat said...

Dear Miss Kitty,
Your Daddy is amazing! Not only is he an artist and professional photographer, he's also a gourmet cook. What a delightful sounding feast! I know you were there by his side giving him help and advice. I hope that afterward the two of you were able to have some relaxing time together after all that work.

You are beautiful all curled up sleeping. It looks as if you are having pleasant dreams, maybe of helping to decorate the Christmas tree?

Best regards from Deiter and the gang and Mom Pat

Cloon said...

Srsly...I needs an invite for next Thanksgiving, wouldn't you like to have GEORGE CLOONEY as your personal guest? (I'll even brings the Paw-purr-azzi.)Beautiful pics of Miss Kitty!

catsynth said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!
We hope things go well for your dad in rehabilitation and finding a job.

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Hi Miss Kitty
Ich habe etwas für Dich in meinem Blog hinterlegt. Komm und hol es Dir.

Dein Dad hat wieder traumhafte Bilder von Dir gemacht. Schööööön. Das Thanksgiving Menü klingt sehr lecker... ich hoffe, Du hast auch ein spezielles Menü an diesem Tag erhalten.
Liebe grüsse

katzenfreundin said...

Liebe Miss Kitty,

was für ein wunderschönes Foto von Dir wieder gemacht wurde, ganz bezaubernd, wie ihr da zusammengerollt schläft.

Das muss ein großartiges Thanksgiving-Menu gewesen, es klingt richtig lecker. Da bekomme ich gleich Appetit.

Ich wünsche Euch noch eine schöne Woche.

LG Claudia

Serafina Seidenfell said...

Hallo Miss Kitty,

Ihr habt ja ein wundervolles Thanksgivig gehabt! Dein Dad hat ja wirklich ein tolles Menü gezaubert. Da ist doch sicher auch etwas für Dich dabei gewesen.

Du hast sicherlich etwas Schönes geträumt, als Dein Dad Dich fotografiert hat - ein schönes Bild.

Ganz liebe Grüße


We love Luna said...

Bonjour friends!
Wow such a perfect menu!
I'm enchanted by the Ms K pose there, it's adorable!She is a doll!
purrs and love

Gaby Bee said...

Dear Miss Kitty!
WOW, what a culinary delight! This Thanksgiving menu sounds delicious.
Your dad never cease to amaze me, he is so multi talented, seems he can do everything :-) Do you mean he would share some of the recipes with us? I would be interested!
Take care of yourself and have a wonderful rest of this week!

ABBY said...

Nom nom nom your Thanksgiving Day menu sounded so heavenly. WE hope your Dad is doing well after his testing. And that your excursion to find a Christmas tree was successful.



I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)


Angel said...

Hello Miss Kitty,
Oh what a Purrfectly Wonderful Menue, Our Mom says your Dad is Welcome to come here and cook Anytime... :) Our Mom has been Very Busy too, so we haven't had much puter time lately :(
What Beautiful Pictures of you , Always such a good looking Miss Kitty :)
See you soon~
The Garden Cottage Kitties

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, Miss Kitty, you, your dad and your guests had a veritable FEAST! We love the two versions of your picture ... the one with the darkened edges is especially dramatic.

Egmont, we are very glad to hear your insurance company granted two more weeks of cardiovascular rehabilitation. We hope it is going well.

Have a wonderful day, friends! :)

Luzia said...

Liebe Miss Kitty, kein Wunder, dass Du da liegst, wie ein Stein. Wenn Du auch nur einen kleinen Teil dieses unglaublich lecker klingenden Essens bekommen hast, ist sicher etwas Speck auf Deine Rippen gekommen;-)) Schon beim Lesen der Menüpunkte läuft mir das Wasser im Munde zusammen! Vor allem Süßkartoffelpürre, Kürbiskuchen und der Riesling hätten mich alle Diätregeln brechen lassen. Sehr gerne hätte ich die Gesichter der Gäste und Familienmitglieder gesehen, als Daddy alles aufgetischt hatte. Ich bin etwas spät dran mit meinem Kommentar und hoffe daher, dass Du in der Zwischenzeit die überflüssigen Kalorien wieder abtrainiert hast?! Oder geht es Dir etwa auch so, dass Du über die kalten Monate etwas Winterspeck ansetzt? Ach egal, eine wirklich schöne Katze kann nichts erschüttern! Ich wünsche Euch noch schöne Adventstage und wünsche Euch eine schöne Zeit. Herzliche Grüße von Luzia.