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A return to the garden

The rains came early this year so I have not been out as often as I would like to have been. Still when dad rakes the leaves off the lawn or sweeps the entrance, I am there giving him not only company but also supervising the progress of his work. Of course when I am in the front, dad makes sure that no passing dog brings any harm to me.

After a few days of no rain and cold temperatures, the front porch area has dried and the wind have blown any leaves from the Japanese maple trees that line the entrance walkway down towards the path. The afternoon sun is no longer as warm as it was just a few weeks ago, but the fresh air is wonderful.

Artistic filters added to make it look like a painting

When dad is home he always leaves the sliding door to the balcony a little open so that I can go outside whenever I wish and maybe even head down to the lawn area and chew a little on the grass. Sometimes I just like to sit between the blooming azaleas that mum takes care of and then look down to see if the neighbors mean black cat is making his way home through our backyard.

Dad finished the final design layout for the 2011 bookmark calendar pages and come this weekend we will post details on the drawing so that your photograph of your feline can qualify. The design is much more refined than the first draft that we had offered as a download earlier this month.

Of course I had to make sure dad was following my instructions and since he does work slow, yet methodical in the detail and proofing, I managed to get a few cat naps on his laptop, warming my belly and seeing to it that dad cannot place the damaged laptop into sleep mood. 


Christiane said...

Hello Miss Kitty,
this ist Ninifee from Germany. My English ist not very good but my Mum Christiane (my Dosi, as I call her) has translated your post and as I look at you in the garden and see you sitting on the laptop, your life seems to be a little bit like mine. So I decided to write a few words to you. We have also lot of leaves in the courtyard and the garden falling down from huge oaktrees, a chestnuttree and many others. The kitten are chasing the tumbling leaves having great fun with it. My Dosi is not very pleased about the mountains of leaves because she has to rake them.
Yesterday our personal cat-calendar arrived. My Dosi has figured out some nice photos and the calendar will find its place right beside the computer, so that she can look at us whenever she wants to.
Your Dad has done great work with your photo. Looks indeed like a painting. We like it.
best wishes
Ninifee and Christiane

katzenfreundin said...

Liebe Miss Kitty,

ich bin ganz begeistert von den wunderschönen Fotos von Euch, ja, das eine sieht wirklich aus wie ein Gemälde. Perfekt getroffen.

Liebe Grüße Claudia

Kea said...

Hi Miss Kitty, nice to see you again! You're well-camouflaged under the leaves.

It's a lot of work to snoopervise the humans, isn't it? We're glad you were able to take naps to restore your strength!

Cat said...

The autumn leaves match you coat Miss Kitty and you look beautiful amongst them!

Cats seem to be always drawn to laptops. I wonder it hey think it is some strange kind of flat cat that we hold on our laps. At my house the laptop is a magnet and draws a cat out from their secret sleeping place to come to me and investigate what I'm doing :-)

Angel said...

Hi Miss Kitty,
Boy your Dad sure does take purrfec pictures of you. You blend in so well with the Autumn leavez.
Our Mom is always taking our picturez too. Only Ana getz to go out, the rest of us stayz inside.
Stay warm by the puter, we see you soon.
Head butts and licks ~
The Garden Cottage Kitties

ABBY said...

Hi Miss Kitty.
Don't you look lovely under those changing leaves from that Japanese Maple. What a lovely lady you are. I understand what you mean about holding a iron paw with Mom or Dad. Without us I just don't know how they would make it.


Luzia said...

Hallo liebe Miss Kitty, gerade musste ich sehr lachen, als ich sah, wie Du Dich auf Daddys laptop aufwärmst:-))) Eine tolle Idee, damit er sich auch nicht überarbeitet. Ich bin froh, dass es Euch gut geht, denn ich hatte nichts von Euch beiden gehört in den letzten Tagen. Auch bei uns ist es nun sehr kalt und herbstlich. Es dauert nicht mehr lange, bis der Schnee kommt. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf Daddys nähere Ausführungen zu den bookmarks, die noch kommen werden. Nun muß ich aber ins Bett, denn bei mir ist es nun schon Nacht und ich bin müde. Vielleicht träume ich von Katzen in dieser Nacht..... Liebe Grüße an Euch von Luzia.

weaverpat said...

Dear Miss Kitty,
Your Dad did a spectacular job photographing you in the light and shadow among the leaves.
Enjoy the sunshine! I don't know how cold it gets in your area, but here we've had frost. Time to grow more fur!
Thank you for your kind remarks on our blog.
We are looking forward to Dad's calendar and bookmarks.

Deiter, and the crew and Mom (Pat)

Katnip Lounge said...

Miss Kitty we are woefully late with our comment: You need no artistic filters! You are simply stunning as you are.

Cory said...

Miss Kitty, you look so beautiful with the fall colors out in your garden!

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Hallo Miss Kitty
Das Foto von Dir auf dem Laptop ist genial. Du machst es genau richtig: Du lässt arbeiten :o).
Du könntest uns übrigens Deinen Dad mal zum Blätter zusammen wischen ausleihen... es will in diesem Jahr irgendwie kein Ende nehmen. Bin schon gespannt auf den Kalender, den Dein Dad zusammengestellt hat und freue mich auf die Fotos.
Liebe Grüsse auch von Katerchen Noah, der zurzeit gerade im Katzenkino ist (er sitzt stundenlang vor dem Vogelhäuschen und sieht den Meisen zu... erwischt hat der schlechte Jäger gottlob noch keine.)


Cloon said...

Miss Kitty, your furcoat has the same colors as theese fall leaves...striking! You looks very nice and those is great pics! Keep taking excellent care of your Dad.