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2011 Calendar drawing — first quarter

Many of us are avid readers and therefore will have a need from time to time of a good bookmark to mark our progress and what could be better than one that not only incorporates a calendar but possible an image of our companion for an entire month.

So with dad’s years of graphic design experience, we set out to completely redesign the bookmarks that were previously featured with Miss Kitty’s image and now that photo shall be replaced with one the winners of the first quarter drawing. As you can see from the new design, the name of the winning feline will be placed above their image and in our post text, we will of course feature a link to their blog. We are also planning to add a little copy regarding your feline and we will be in touch once we announce the first three winners.  In all there will be twelve winners by the time we finish.

The competition is open to all levels of ones photographic ability so give it your best. You may pose your companion or just try to capture them at what they enjoy doing, it is all up to you and the willingness of your cat. 

Winners will be announced December 11.

Miss Kitty wishes you good luck.

for the first quarter full size sample click here

Requirements to qualify

1: You can submit 3-5 digital image
2: Image orientation: Vertical preferred
3: Formats acceptable: JPG (extra fine setting), TIFF or RAW
4: Please do not crop your pictures
5: Image size: minimum 2000 x 3000 pixels (5 MB plus) preferred
6: Last day to submit: December 10, 2010
7: Be a follower of this blog

Do not forget to include your information

1: Your name and the name of your feline
2: A link to your blog
3: Email subject matter: Competition or Bookmark

Drawing dates for the remaining quarters

Second quarter drawing
Announcement: February 11
Last day to submit: March 11

Third quarter drawing
Announcement: May 13
Last day to submit: June 10

Forth quarter drawing
Announcement: August 12
Last day to submit: September 9

Now let us not forget the legal matters

By submitting your images, you allow the winning entries to used by a Cats Golden Years 'one time only' for the sole purpose they were intended, the Miss Kitty 2011 Calendar Bookmarks, otherwise the photographer retains all other rights.

You also allow us crop the image and to use any Photoshop enhancements tools as we see fit.

Availability of the calendar bookmarks

The final design with the winning images will be made available in the last week of December for download from our Picasa album via a link so that it can be printed out on your colour printer in full resolution onto 8 .5 x 11 inches card stock.

Second, third and fourth quarter sample pages

For submissions or any questions please click here


isabel gutiérrez said...

Ok, Egmond, cuenta conmigo.

Tu gata en el ordenador es una imagen tan conocida para los que tenemos gatos... Te mandaré por correo una similar con mi gata.

Un beso. Isabel

Serafina Seidenfell said...

Die Lesezeichen sind wunderschön geworden! Leider können wir nicht teilnehmen, weil unsere kleine Kamera Bilder mit weniger Pixeln erzeugt. Aber wir freuen uns auf die vielen schönen Katzen-Lesezeichen!

Ganz liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende

Kerstin mit den beiden Katzendamen

weaverpat said...

Dear Miss Kitty,
The picture of you at the beginning of the post is perfection (purrfection?). You have the most innocent and appealing expression on your cute little face!

I am sending my thanks to your Dad for working so hard on the lovely
bookmark calendar. We appreciate that he takes the time to generously share his art.

Our best regards to both of you from
Deiter and the gang, and Mom Pat

Katnip Lounge said...

We will prod our Daddy into action!

Cat said...

The calendar competition is a fantastic idea! I'll have to start taking some interesting shots :-)

Mr Puddy said...

My mom is a bit lazy but I will try to get her to join these, Thank you

Lucy the Cat said...

Hi Miss Kitty,
My mamma and papa just got home from a long vacation but will submit some photos in the near future. No picture can compete with yours however. You're so pretty and your dad takes a great picture!

ABBY said...

Miss Kitty
I will have to get Mom to check and see if we have anything worthy to submit! Your photographs are always so stunning.


Angel said...

Hi Miss Kitty,
So glad you stopped by to play in my garden, hope you enjoyed your visit, and thanxz for "Follow" my blog. If you stop by the Garden Cottage, you'll get to meet the rest of my brothers & sisterz all together therez 6 of us...
Love your picturez, your Dad sure takes purrfect picturez of you :)

Thanks for stopping by and playing~
Ana ~
from the Garden Cottage Kitties

Luzia said...

Hi Miss Kitty, oh Daddy hat ja mal wieder eine super Idee gehabt! Das wird ja ein richtig spannender Wettbewerb werden. Leider kann ich nicht teilnehmen, da ich keine Katze meine Begleiterin nennen kann zur Zeit:-(( Und eine Kamera, die 5 MB Bilder schießt habe ich auch leider nicht. Aber ich freue mich auf die anderen Miezen, die ich auf Deinem schönen blog kennenlernen werde. Gib Daddy ein schönes Schnurren von mir und nun wünsche ich Euch noch eine schöne Woche von Luzia.

Cloon said...

Wow, beautiful pic & job on the photos. My Human is SO excited to submit something...

cats of wildcat woods said...

Tough to compete with your pics but we will come up with something! Hope all is well.

Christiane said...

Hallo Miss Kitty,
Ein schöne Idee habt ihr da mit den Kalenderfotos. Leider sind fast alle meine Aufnahmen im Querformat. Wenn man sie beschneidet sind sie zu klein für die geforderte Mindestgröße. Aber vielleicht komme ich ja dazu neue Fotos zu machen. Dann denke ich vermehrt an das Hochformat ;-)). Ich hoffe, es geht Euch gut.
LG Christiane

Gaby Bee said...

Hi Miss Kitty,
Was für eine schöne Idee! Leider kann ich nicht teilnehemen, weil ich kein Kätzchen habe und eine Kamera die 5 MB Bilder schießt habe ich leider auch nicht :-(
Ich werde aber den Wettbewerb verfolgen und freue mich schon auf die Fotos!
Ich wünsche dir und deinem Dad ein wunderschönes Wochenende!

Liebe Grüße,Gaby

Sondra said...

Dear Miss Kitty and Egmont,
I LOVE your new blog!!!! and Miss Kitty, you are absolutely lovely, just a beauty.
I regret that I can't hold you and feel your purrrrrrr!!!
Hugs to you,

Admiral Hestorb said...

Hello beautiful girl.

Eva said...

Ms Kitty, your Master is certainly a master photographer! Even considering how lovely you are, rarely have I seen such wonderful feline photographs.

✿ Hélène Flont ✿ said...

J'aurais tellement aimé participer, mais je crains que mes photos n'atteignent pas les 2MB requises !! Mes deux divas sont donc en pleine dépression!!!

Have a nice evening miss Kitty & Egmond.