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Second Quarter Photo Competition

It is that time of year again in which Miss Kitty will select the next set of winners for  the second quarter calendar bookmarks. So you have thirty days to get your images to us, so you will have plenty of time to get that image which becomes totally irresistible.

The winners for the first quarter

The previous photo competition went very well and now we are back to fill the slots for month April, May and June. Since I would like everyone to participate, especially the shy ones, please read my suggestions in order to improve your changes. I have also reposted the finalists of the first quarter to serve as a guide in what was selected from those that I felt made the cut. Above all, keep in mind the format that the winning images are being inserted to.

The previous finalists

When you judge your own photographs prior to submission, I would like to to look at them with a critical eye, checking for good lighting, that there are no highlights that are not without detail and that the feline pictured is engaging with the photographer. Of greatest importance is lighting and inmost cases I prefer indirect daylight since shadows are softer. A lamp creates a harsh shadow, an area with virtually no detail. Apart from lighting, consider also the composition of the photo, as it can be the difference of making it into the finals or not.

Requirements to qualify

1: you can submit up to 5 digital images
2: Image orientation: vertical preferred 
    (if our photo is horizontal we need to be able to crop it vertical
3: Formats accepted: JPG (extra fine setting-highest resolution), TIFF or RAW
4: PLease do not crop your picture
5: Image size: 2000 x 3000 pixels (5 MB plus) preferred
6: Last day to submit: Midnight on March 22, 2011
7: Be a follower of this blog

Do not forget to include

1: Your name and the name of your feline
2: A link to your blog
3: Please place Photo Competition in the subject line of the email

Now let us not forget the legal matters

By submitting your images, you allow the winning entries to used by a Cats Golden Years 'one time only' for the sole purpose they were intended, the Miss Kitty 2011 Calendar Bookmarks, otherwise the photographer retains all other rights.

You also allow us crop the image and to use any Photoshop enhancements tools as we see fit.

Availability of the calendar bookmarks

The final design with the winning images will be made available in the last week of March for download from our Picasa album via a link so that it can be printed out on your colour printer in full resolution onto 8 .5 x 11 inches card stock.

For submissions or any questions, please click here

Wishing you all good luck!


Cat said...

Hello Miss Kitty, looking forward to your next photo competition. Taking such precision pictures is not easy for me but I will give it my best try :-)

ABBY said...

Miss Kitty
We do not know if we have any pictures that would be worthy....


Admiral Hestorb said...

I know mommy doesn't have any worthy to submit. I am terrible at posing.
Good luck to all of the kitties who do.

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Catrina,

I am glad you are going to give it a try and enter this quarter, just remember to have the light behind you and get down low for those 'one on one' pictures.

Good luck dear,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Abby,

Let's be more optimistic and if you whisper into the felines ear, I am sure they will be more cooperative. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

Good Luck,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Admiral Hestorb,

Like I just said earlier, let's be more optimistic. We are sure the admiral will love to pose for you, remember you did make the finals.

Miss kitty and Egmont

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

We entered! We don't take pictures as good as others but we love the one we submitted!
Love, Caren and Cody

Mr Puddy said...

I think I should ask my mom to do it again..heh..heh..I aim for August ! My dad's month : )

Michelle said...

Oh we want to enter, we want to! I will submit some photos in the next few days Miss Kitty and Egmont!! The previous winners are so wonderful!! How very exciting! :)

meowmeowmans said...

Hi Miss Kitty and Egmont!

Thank you for running this competition again. We had so much fun taking part last time. We'll go search for some (we hope) worthy photos to send now...

We hope you are both doing well!

Cloon said...

Dear Miss Kitty and Dad Egmont,

It is excellent that the next quarter of the contest is on. We will see what we can come up with. Congrats on your new blog awards! Well deserved, that's for sure. Thinking of you both and hoping all is well.