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Where does the time go

Where o’ where does the time go, for it seems only a few years ago that MIss Kitty was a little kitten, but now she is eighteen years of age, or is she. It appears there is a difference of opinions in this family and I am good at religion but poor in math; German proverb. So how old is Miss Kitty then?

According to my daughter, who is nineteen and not twenty, but in her second year at UCSC, coming home every two weeks or so for groceries, some gas and pocket money, a little studying and then catching up with friends; in other words, life in the fast lane; corrected me in saying that she was three when we adopted Miss Kitty.

Now that would make Miss Kitty sixteen, not the eighteen I have been boosting, yet since her birthday comes first before my daughter, that would make her seventeen, which is still an achievement and making MIss Kitty the madam matriarch of the family in human years. So I apologize for my mathematical error to you and Ms K, hoping she will forgive me.

Ms K by the dinning room window

As for her birthday, which we did celebrated with her, Ms K was camera shy and even if I could have possible obtained a picture, the lighting would have been poor since we were in another storm, just like the one we have been having for more than twenty-four hours with no end in sight until a break this coming Sunday.

As for gifts, well, she has about everything a feline her age could want, besides she would rather have the person attention from me, especially in the morning when we cuddle close and I give her body messages and belly rubs that are followed by a facial rub, all of which she takes in with great pleasure.

from Kerstin and her felines Finchen and Ayla

On the day of Ms K’s birthday, a beautiful card made by Kerstin arrived from Germany. It certainly was a surprise for her as well as for dad. We wish that we were not separated by and ocean and a continent, for we would love to visit them or have them visit us. We both thank you for your thoughtfulness and heartfelt words that accompanied your art work and which have touched us very deeply.

Finchen and Alya in the forground (photo Kerstin)

Please have a visit to Kerstin’s blog ‘Finchens Katzenblog,’ which has the current post Fincehen out in the garden, checking out and smelling the various colored crocus flowers and inspecting the pots with seedlings to see if anything was happening. When you drop in to have a look, don’t be afraid because the blog is in German, since all you have to is click on Google translate.

Birthday Card from Lutzia

In the mail came another birthday card for MS K. This one from Lutzi, who also resides in Germany. Though she does not have a cat personally, Lutzia is very fond of all living creatures, as this is reflected in her paintings and photography, which can be viewed on her blog, “Lutzias-Art.” 

The bird that is pictured in her card is one that regularly comes to her feeders and though Ms K no longer chases birds, she does loves to watch them. She especially likes the colourations of this feathered creature. 

Now I should add that it was very easy to miss, but you know dad is a real hawk, examining everything very carefully when he noticed that the stamps were carefully selected to send another message. For the stamp on the right contains a message, “Sending good wishes,” that alone brought an even greater smile, to an already big one. Thank you my dear for your gift of friendship.

First attempt in oil

Now I could end here but a few months ago, Lutzia asked if I could make available some photographs of Ms K as a source and reference to paint her portrait. We made available in Picasa a folder with numerous images for her. The months passed by quickly but then in an email came a surprise that knocked dad’s socks off. The first two portraits of Ms. K.

Second version, also in oil

We could not believe how very well Lutzia captured Ms K’s expression and especially her colourations in the second version. Lutzia said she might try again and in a few weeks she surprised us once more.

Acrylic version

This time she decided to work in Acrylic since it afforded her certain options that resulted in stunning replication of Ms K’s fur. I mean it is so realistic looking, that one can almost feel its soft and silky texture. You are certainly a superb artist Lutzia!

Digital manipulation

With the acrylic image came also one in which she did a photo manipulation, expressing her visual creativity in another form and manner.
Thank you dear friend for sharing your creativity, art and friendship with us. You too have touched our hearts with your love and kindness.

As we bring this post to a close, we did wish to add we have received some wonderful photographs from those who have entered our photo contest and that the winners will be posted shortly. Finally, dad has been under the weather for almost three weeks and just yesterday we learned that the nausea, dizziness, faintness and just feeling down right awful has been do to the changes in the medications, which are being partly stopped so they can leave his system.



Sparkle said...

Happy birthday, Miss Kitty, no matter your age! It's in cat years anyway.

Christiane said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag liebe Ms. Kitty. Nachträglich nehme ich an ? Ich muss es irgendwie verpaßt haben.
Das Acylbild von Luzia ist wundervoll!! Und Kerstins Karte ist sehr hübsch. Am meisten wirst Du aber sicher die Streicheleinheiten von Deinem Dad genossen haben.

liebe Grüße von Christiane und Ninifee

lupie said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Kitty!!!!
Many more happy years to come!! This time, we can all help your daddy with Maths!! hehehe :)

Kea said...

Happy birthday, Miss Kitty! You're only as old as you feel, so "age" is just a made-up human number!

All the art work is just fabulous, by the way.

-Fuzzy Tales

katzenfreundin said...

Wahnsinn, Miss Kitty, das ist schon wirklich ein erstaunliches Alter. Aber Ihr habt Euch sehr gut gehalten. Happy Birthday, liebe Miss Kitty und noch viele schöne Katzenjahre.

LG Claudia

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy Purrfday, Ms Kitty!

heh heh, only we Cats know our truly correct age; our wisdom is timeless.

You receives some truly wonderful gifts, we especially like the acrylic portrait. Of course, with you as a subject the end result will always be stunning.

Have a fabulous day, filled with rubs and love--and purrs to your Dad, that he feels better soon.

Serafina Seidenfell said...

Hallo liebe Miss Kitty,

ich freu mich, dass Du Spaß an der Geburtstagskarte hast - und es ist egal, ob Du 16, 17 oder 18 Jahre bist, die Hauptsache ist, dass Du gesund bist!

Die Bilder von Luzia sind einfach klasse - toll, wenn man so malen kann.

Schön, dass es Deinem Dad wieder gut geht! Gut, dass er jetzt die richtigen Medikamente bekommt, die helfen und nicht schaden.

Ganz liebe Grüße

Kerstin mit Finchen und Ayla

PS. Lieben Dank für die Verlinkung zu Finchens Blog!

meowmeowmans said...

Happy birthday, Miss Kitty! Wishing you a wonderful day and many more birthdays...

And we are purring and praying that Dad Egmont feels better soon.

Angel + 6 Garden Cottage Cats said...

Lotz of soft purrz & nose kisses and a very Big Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl, Miss Kitty ~
You lookz very Lovely in All your painting renditionz ^..^

Hope dad feelz better soon too ~
Purrz to All ~

ABBY said...

Miss Kitty
We are happy to hear that you had such a wonderful low keyed birthday. You look positively fabulous no matter what your age, and we ladies tend to be mum about such matters.
We hope that your Dad feels much better and we will keep him in our purrs.


Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Sparkle,

Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. We will stop by your blog in a minute.

Ms K and E

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Christiane,

Thank you for looking in on us and leaving a comment.

Do not worry since no one, including me knows the day that I was born and so dad pointed to the calendar and his finger landed on March 15. But since I did not wish to have my picture taken days later and then dad has been under the weather, he was unable to prepare the post.

Congratulations on your new blog and as you might have seen, dad was able to change to Google ID which has been not working for many months, I just hope that my ID will work.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Kea,

So very nice to see you here. You are absolutely right, age is a human invention and totally meaningless, besides we know how to live.

Enjoy the weekend,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings everyone it at the catcabanna,

Thank you for visiting with us and your wonderful comment.

Humans are always so busy with age that it seems they forget to live, whereas we felines now what is more important.

The artwork from Kerstin and Lutzia really touched us.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Finchen, Ayla and Kerstin,

Thank you for your visit and well wishes for my birthday. We greatly appreciated see you having posted a lovely photo for us on your blog. It has touched us deeply.

Wishing you all the very best this weekend,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings everyone at PAWS,

Thank you for dropping in and visiting with us and for your comment.

It was great to learn that Pepper finally found a forever home after two years and we are so happy there are individuals like PAWS who care and will not give up.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Angel and six cats,

Thank you for visiting with us today and for your birthday wishes for me and including dad in your thoughts.

He is doing a little better and after the weekend we will have to see what happens.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Abby,

Thank you for coming by and looking in on us.

You are so right, humans make too much of birthdays and how old they are, we just seem to know better.

Dad is doing a little bit better today, will see how he does by Monday.

Enjoy the weekend,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, where does the time go? It passes so quickly.

Happy Birthday, Miss Kitty. Whichever your age. :)

Fin said...

Happy Whatever Your Age Birthday Miss Kitty!!

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Oh ja, das frage ich mich auch immer: Wo ist nur die Zeit geblieben?! Vor allem, als ich meine kleine Jazz im letzten Jahr mit 16 Jahren hatte einschläfern lassen müssen. So schnell gehen die schönen Jahre mit den Samtlatschen vorbei... leider. Aber Miss Kitty sieht noch richtig fit aus und die Gemälde von ihr sind einfach spitze. Ja, ja, sie ist und bleibt ein kleiner Star.
Ich wünsche Ihr von Herzen noch viele gesunde, glückliche und knuddelige Jahre bei Euch.
Liebe Grüsse

weaverpat said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Miss Kitty!
A lady shouldn't mind being a year younger. And such a beautiful lady you are!
I am sad to hear that Dad is not feeling well, expecially since he has gotten back to his painting. Egmont, I hope you are feeling better soon.
Miss Kitty, I know you are giving Dad lots of comfort and companionship to help him recover.
Blessings to both of you!

Deiter and the Gang, and Pat

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are aging gracefully, Miss Kitty. Even though your dad may not know your exact age, you are still loved.

It's good to see Dad in the "studio." I'm sure he is quite happy now that he is back painting.

Looks like you got some awesome cards and gifts for your birthday. You deserve them. I'm glad you are doing so well, too.

Marlynn said...

Oh dear Miss Kitty, you are young beautiful! Before my beloved Tabitha journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge she was 20! And you dear one as you enjoy your cuddles and your massages, you have a long life in front of you. So glad you Daddy found out what was causing all that icky stuff. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Cat said...

We send our warmest Birthday wishes to you beautiful Miss Kitty :-) We love your portraits, each so different and creative!

Very sorry to hear that Dad has been under the weather for so long...we wish a speedy recovery and hopefully some sunny spring weather to lift the spirits :-)

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Jan,

Thank you for dropping by and wishing Miss Kitty a Happy Birthday.

Ms K and E

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Alexandra,

Thank you for dropping in and visiting with us both. It is always a pleasure to see you.

It has been a very log time since I have heard"knuddelige." Every morning Ms K and I "knuddle" nose to nose and for me these moments are very, very precious.

I am sorry to hear about the loss of Little Jazz, but he years she spent with you I know you will remember forever.

Wishing you all the very best,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Pat and Dieter,

It is always a great pleasure for us when we see that you have dropped in for a visit and wishing Ms K a Happy Birthday.

We are happy to report that is back on the road to mend, yet there are a couple of hurdles ahead but we are confident dad will make it.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings dear Fin,

Thank you for dropping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday.

Ms K and E

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Bleaubeard and Elizabeth,

Thank you for dropping in and staying a while as we always enjoy it when you do.

I know a lady never tells her age and dad really does not care when my birthday is since everyday is special.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Marlynn,

Thank you for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday.

We are sorry to learn about Tabitha but happy she made it to being twenty which is an achievement and reflects the wonderful love you gave here.

Dad's situation has been improving, which of course is good. The problem seems to be with the dosages , so right now he not taking the two that caused the problems until they are out of the system before resuming only with one.

Wishing you a wonderful week,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Cloon said...

Happy Birthday Dear Miss Kitty! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws goin' for ya. You look lovely as always and the art work of you is gorgeous. We will keep your Dad in our thoughts and send him purrs for feeling better.

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Catrina,

Thank you for looking in on us and wishing MS K a happy birthday. ALso dad is doing better and we are all happy so now he can get back to his painting.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Cloon

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us, especially as we always love to have company over.

I just hope next year there will be some sunshine on my BDay cause the last twenty-seven days we have had rain for twenty-four of those days.

Dad's finally doing better, just in time for selecting the winners of this quarters calendar competition.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Avalon Lion said...

Happy birthday, Miss Kitty. You don't look your age; you're still a beauty. I live in Belgium, so I'm not that far from you. I understand German too, but I don't speak or write it that well. Birthday purrrrs from Avalon.

JC said...

Doesn't matter how old she is, she looks purrfect.

I had a mama kitty who lived to be 17, her daughters lived to be 19 & 21. So, Miss K has a few more years left I am sure.

Team Tabby said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kitty!!

Gaby Bee said...

Happy Birthday, dear Miss Kitty, and many more happy years to come!

Hope your dad is feeling better!!!

Lucias paintings are all her photos and paintings. She is one talented gal:)

Happy Spring!

Team Tabby said...

We have added the 'Follower' widget to our blog...we worked hard to help our mombean do this since she is not very tecknikal!

Have a good day!

Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

Luzia said...

Liebe Miss Kitty, es freut mich sehr, dass soviele Freunde an Dich und Deinen Geburtstag gedacht haben. Du bist wirklich ein "Star" in der Katzenwelt, der es verdient hat in Gemälden verewigt zu werden:-)) Es war mir eine Ehre Dich zu malen! Ich hoffe es geht Euch gut, denn ich mache mir etwas Sorgen um Daddy. Liebste Grüße von Luzia.

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

we are late with our wishes but hope you had a lovely day. The paintings of you Miss Kitty are just incredible!!! Sending warm thoughts to your dad that he feel better on his new meds.

Michelle said...

Oh my! We are equally sorry we are late for Ms. Kitty's birthday!! Happy Birthday beautiful girl. You look so much younger than your age. :) Your dad must take very good care of you. We hope you had a wonderful day and you have been showered with love and presents in the form of treats. :)


Michelle, Mocha, Quincy and Emma