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What really happens

After my previous post, I felt a little lightheartedness was in order, along with minimal copy and I am sure Ms K would concur.

We found this while being on FaceBook and thought if you had not seen this before, it might just bring a smile across your face.

What felines really do

Ms K “Guess they’re right” - photographed using an iPhone

PS: Anyone else having the problem with a blogger ‘Anonymous’ who has been spamming? It seems they have discovered all my sites and have for almost one week spamming each blog daily. I just wish Google were able to shut them down. Reluctantly I have turned on ‘Word Verification’ for now in the hope to put a stop to it.



iris said...

bonjour kitty
ce chat ressemble absolument
au mien LOLA
tout à fait relax ce gros poilu
je vous souhaite meilleur santé
moi même je traverse une grosse
déprime , et les médicaments
sont difficile à équilibré
à très bientôt

Cat said...

I agree, this is definitely what cats do!!

meowmeowmans said...

Well yes, that's what cats do. :)

We've had a few "spammy" comments, but we find that by deleting them from the "spam" folder in the "comments" section of our dashboard "trains" the filter pretty well. We haven't been getting very many since we started doing that...

Avalons Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Mieow Miss Kitty and Dad Egmont, ^..^ We mus say, you look Stunning all curled up and silently napping :)

We haven't had problem.... Yet :|
Hope this dumb bean stopz botherin you ^..^

Purrz to you and your dad ~ ♥xoxo♥

laurence said...

Really wonderful

ABBY said...

No we had not seen that and you are right we did enjoy. And of course we always enjoy the lovely Miss K!

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Grins, ja genau so ist's. Katze sollte man sein :o).
En liebe Gruess

Clooney said...

Love what cats really do. Purr-fect! And love that pic of Ms K in a perfect circle, gorgeous!

Sherlock the cat said...


iris said...

kitty j' espère que toi et ton gentil maître vous allez bien
juste un petit coucou
France ( Normandie )

perfumehk said...

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perfumehk said...

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ah, yes, this is what we cat do. :)

Funny Farmer Felines

orbit said...

Oh my god- that is soooo me!!

Natasha Mann - Online Doctorate Psychology said...

Anonymous blogging has been an epidemic it seems. They really need to try and fix this problem. Your kitty is so adorable and the sign is so right. Thank you for this cute post.

Swami Zoe said...

We kitties sure do know how to do "nothing!" We are so zen. NIce to meet you too! Me-Ommmmm

Michelle said...

Hello Miss K and Daddy Egmont! It's been far too long!! I'm so glad you are still around. I just started back to blogging (now five cats later) and trying to catch up with everyone. Miss K looks wonderful as ever. My cats have their own Facebook page (My Life as Quincy.) But now I have missed blogging so here we are. Hope all as been well and so sorry to hear about your depression and your abuse. :( You are so brave to open up like that. That's therapeutic in and of itself..I commend you! I truly believe you can only get stronger from here. Hang in there!

Tinker and Tom said...

I find myself wanting to catch up with you and the months that have flown by way too quickly, so I'm reading more of the older posts..Besides, as it has done for me, reading old posts can help, especially when there is the deepest of loss.

Sorry you have had to deal with spam. Hopefully, what you are doing now will help.

~Julie & the kits

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